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February 05 2009

(SPOILER) Cover art and info for Buffy #25. Blimey. This one is penned by Doug Petrie.


Great art, but... Ewwwwww.
Oh, wiggins in both cases.
Now there's something you don't see every day.
so am i to assume that ... thing is a thricewise?

lol but honestly... thats really gross looking
Buffy has been neglecting Dawn like a forgotten doll, not tended for so long her clothes are ragged and worn.

Buffy's going to kick her butt for wasting precious time acting like an attention-seeking teen -- which is what Dawn is, after all.

Or how about her sister who's in trouble? *sigh* Glad this is finally going to be dealt with here. And is that Kenny on Chen's cover perhaps?
If that's
Now there's something you don't see every day.

And I am so glad for that, you have no idea...

(I'll see dingoes8's "Ewwwwww" and raise an "Ick! Bleggghh!")
Dawn has a strange taste in men or whatever that

But man,Jo Chen's MT likeness is strikingly great.
My first thought was "Wow, Ilyria apparently has family!"
I am both delighted and deeply disturbed by the cover's amazing blend of Brigadoon and The Call of Cthulhu-again, mad props to Jo Chen.

As for what happens, I shall remain boggled until May.
Wow, that was just disturbing.
Holy moly! That's just... I don't think disturbing is a strong enough word....
Are we finally gonna meet Kenny? :)
Um, I don't think I've been this surprised by a cover since #18. And even then. This has got to be one of the more graphic demon-human relationships in the Buffyverse. Like the contrast between the alternate cover and the original cover for #4.
I am so sick of the Dawn-hating.
Mmmm. Tenticle pr0n. *retch*
I think we're missing the point somewhere....
streetartist, ???? Who's hatin' on Dawnie? Not that there isn't plenty of that elsewhere, but so far I haven't seen any in this thread. Unless some of the gagging here was prompted by the image of Dawn instead of her - er - whatever-the-hell-that-is, in which case I strongly recommend those posters have their hormones inspected...

ET remove stray parenthesis before the parenthesis-catcher arrives.

[ edited by Rowan Hawthorn on 2009-02-05 23:12 ]
Enter parenthesis-catcher stage left.

Bugger it's fixed.

I'm not seeing any Dawn hate either. If there was I would say something as life's too short to be ragging on characters.
Rowan, I was referring to: "or Buffy's going to kick her butt for wasting precious time acting like an attention-seeking teen -- which is what Dawn is, after all. "
I think that's just a description of the narrative with emphasis on Buffy's point of view, not Dawn hate.
It is a somewhat telling comment about Buffy. She is ignoring her nearest and dearest for the greater good.
streetartist, I was quoting the solicitation (as Sunfire said) to emphasize that Buffy has been neglecting Dawn and she's finally being forced to deal with Dawn's situation. I'm definitely not hating on Dawn - I'm happy she's central to this issue.
Yeah, I loved the snarky solicitation for this issue, in particular "or Buffy's going to kick her butt for wasting precious time acting like an attention-seeking teen -- which is what Dawn is, after all. " That would best be described as "Buffy hate" more than it ever would be "Dawn hate." It's basically been snarky and sarcastic about Buffy's attitude to Dawn and how she's been treating her sister lately, the writers are sympathising with Dawn, not hating on her.

It's fantastic that they're dealing with this and now there's no mistaking that Buffy's indifference to Dawn's plight is very intentional and excellent writing. It just adds more and more layers onto Buffy's arc this season and how she's too invested in the big picture and can't connect with people on an intimate level. Dawn's not a slayer, no surprises Buffy doesn't care all that much about her right now.. bad Buffy!

I hope we finally meet Kenny!
this totally reminds me of "the beauty & the beast"
streetartist, gotcha. That explains why I didn't make the connection, I'd noticed that was a quote from the solicitation.
That cover is amazing. The mouth of that monster is rather... what's the vagina version of phallic??
Kornundsprite, you weren't the only one who thought of "Beauty and the Beast." I must be going blind, because I could swear that girl on the cover was Buffy. I was ready to post in here "Buffy will make out with anything..." but not in a character-bashing way.

Judging by the term "thricewise," I just assumed that being a doll was just a third transformation before Dawn becomes herself again. I never thought of it as a metaphor, that's interesting.
Ugh, I think the giant moldy teddybear with tentacles is trying to french kiss lil' Dawnie!
Whoa, Dawnie! Scandalous! I hope Buffy resolves things with her in this issue, I miss the sisterly love!
While I think it would have been a neat parallel to that earlier giant Dawn cover if Chen did the Jeantys cover, it really does play to her strengths to do a weird torrid romance cover. While it's got some gorgeous light going on, the likeness is pretty smashing for the one character/thing we already know and it's also got a bizarre sense of detail. Especially the tongue!
Easily in the top three Jo Chen covers ever. Just when I thought the Season Eight covers were starting to be very static, Chen whips this out. Can't believe they dared. Love it.
The left half of the cover is the most beautiful thing Jo Chen has given us in Season 8 :)
I'm sure he has a great personality...
Is this going to be the big, hidden Dollhouse-crossover? ;)

Looking forward to this issue especially, since it's Petrie, and you gotta have some Petrie in a Buffy-season. I'm curious about the whole "doll"-aspect, since Petrie also wrote "As You Were" (the last and at least very ambiguous appearance of Riley on the show), where Riley "dressed up" Buffy for patrol (although she clearly states in S4 that she likes patrolling in her gear, disliking the Initiative-suits). Also, "dressing up" was the topic that introduced Riley in S8 (their meeting in NY, with him later referencing Buffy's "dressing up" to Twilight...). So I'm wondering if Dawn is the only doll in play here.

And also, Petrie always writes game-changers.
I love Jo's cover so very, very much that I'd be happy with a low quality printed out copy of it for Valentines Day... and nothing else!

But poor Xander- Kenny gets THREE eyes, while he has to make do with ONE? Talk about rubbing it in...
wiesengrung, are we perhaps sharing a brain? ;)
Great tongue action!

Sorry, but I think it's cute. Who are we to judge appearances? Maybe it's a really nice three-eyed slug thing. I'd kiss it.

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