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February 05 2009

(SPOILER) Daniel Dae Kim talks about Jin's fate on Lost. Spoiler tag for Lost fans. He tells, "I was happy with the way they did that, for sure!"

SO happy Jin is back. I always assumed he wasn't dead (plus Daniel Dae Kim has been in the S5 credits), and I always wanted him to have a happy ending with Sun. Now he has a chance for that.

Season 5 has been amazing so far. I don't have a single complaint (except lack of Jack in episode 3, but that was expected, it would have been too much for one episode).

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I wouldn't say I have no complaints, but I have liked season five so far, more than I expected. I think that while the flashforwards to individual characters was a sensible choice last year, I like that they've mostly abandoned it in favour of more ensemble-based episodes--the plot seems to be advancing much more quickly.

And yeah--DDK's place in the opening credits was a tip-off. :P
In a way we are getting flashbacks and flashforwards. Most of the six' story is three years ahead of the personal timelines of the Islanders.

I just assumed the time travellers were going to run into Jin on the Island and that's why his name was in the credits.

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Spoiler tag for Lost fans and yet "I was happy with the way they did that, for sure!" pretty much tells them anyway. Heh.
Lovely to see Jin again but he's going to be very confused once he starts time-jumping while he's conscious. Now I'm trying to think if he had any interactions with Danielle earlier. I mean, later. Or, um ... yeah.
Good thing Danielle speaks English. I had visions of Jin going through all that trouble to know English in addition to Korean only to find himself around people who only spoke French.
If I can find a free moment, possibly one of those few that I've earmarked for pesky household chores, I might rewatch some S1 and S2 just to confuse the hell out of myself with timeline questions.
How is the line "I was happy with the way they did that, for sure!" a spoiler. It's his thoughts on his character, it doesn't tell you what he was happy about.
I think the natural assumption would be that he's back, after reading that. But no worries, RavenU, no one's complained about having been spoiled and I think just about every member on this site who still watches the show, watches it live, torrented, or PVR'd soon after it airs.

I didn't notice Kim's name in the credits, so wasn't spoiled (but figured the floating body would be his as soon as I saw the back of it and was pretty sure it was the same shirt he'd had on when the freighter exploded). If I had, I maybe would've assumed that they were employing him full time like they did Harold Perrineau last year, even though Michael was in maybe only one third of Season 4. Might've assumed Jin would show up in flashback or that maybe time tampering would lead to his survival. A lot of shows I try to pay attention to the credits (like 24, I'm always eager to see characters from seasons' past, even obscure ones), but with Lost, especially the last couple seasons, my eyes wander after "Naveen Andrews" to the intrigue going on higher up on the screen.

Anyway, two very happy-making moments near the end of the episode--we finally might get Rousseau's backstory, at least in part before Jin flashes away to another time...and Jin is back.

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