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February 05 2009

(SPOILER) Another Kelley Armstrong Interview About Angel:Aftermath. This time with Comic Book Resources.

(Everyone keeps leaving the second 'e' out of this poor woman's name :) And if it hadn't gotten run off the front page already I would've just combined this with the previous one -z.)

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Pretty good interview, although it didn't really reveal much in the way of spoilers.
Kelley comes across as a lovely person in these interviews.I wish her well with this story.
Nice interview. I am really liking the sound of this arc. I have theorised before that this will be a 'bridging' arc. Picking up the pieces from After the fall, and leading into what comes next.....which hopefully will be penned by Lynch. know...he rocks:)
Oh and here is a link to the finished cover for 22 - thanks to the gang at slayalive.

This article is right on the front page of the website...on new York Comic Con day. Nice:)
I have great faith in Kelly Armstrong. I just wonder with all the writing she does if she ever sleeps?

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