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February 06 2009

(SPOILER) SuicideGirls interviews Eliza Dushku. They discuss Echo, as well as a personality she gets imprinted with in a later episode. If you're looking for more Dollhouse interviews, the TV Addict also has an interview with Eliza and Sci Fi Wire has one with Dichen Lachman.

The personality () could be from the Craft & Fain-penned "Echoes", according to the (naturally spoilery) write-up of the casting sides for that ep.
I've added an interview with Dichen to the entry (more may be added to this entry if the front page goes a bit kahbooey).
We've become such good friends, kind of like brother and sister and kind of like he was my watcher

Very good interviews. 7 more days left!!

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