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February 06 2009

(SPOILER) TIME Magazine previews Dollhouse. Like their review of the pilot, this probably falls under the "lukewarm"-category. And if you're looking for new behind-the-scenes clips, brings us not one, but two, three, four, five, no wait... six collections of Dollhouse material. 20 clips for your pleasure.

"What keeps Dollhouse interesting is its ideas about memory and the self. But while it's haunting, cerebral and gorgeous, it's also a little cold, though the flashes of humor help. ("We have a situation," one character reports. "The kind you need to shoot at.") Like its actives, it's a marvelous piece of engineering. But I hope it develops a personality of its own."

Good to see the humor getting some "helping"-credit. :)

The quote about the screeners ("the three sent for review are ") makes me wonder if they sent out "Gray Hour" instead of "Stage Fright".
Honestly, the thing that they say about Eliza's acting has me worried. While I don't think that she's a bad actress (she is certainly good at delivering her lines and so on), I just think that the character needs more.

They mentionned Toni Colette of "United States Of Tara" and I must say, I am blown away by that woman. How gracefully she goes from one character to another, switching accents, without revealing one weak spot, is pretty damn impressive and I think that is the kind of actress which Dollhouse would need. Maybe Eliza grows as the series progresses, but right now I'm not sure whether her solid acting is enough for this show.

One week to go. YEAH!
I don't think it's fair to compare a network show with a cable one. I always thought it is terrible that they are in the same categories at the Golden Globes. Cable has so much going for it that network doesn't, including no censorship, bigger budgets, A-list actors...etc.
Oops, some of those clips are definitely spoiler-heavy. Not going to watch any more of them.
Maybe Simon can add my original extended description were I tried to address the spoiler-issue... :)

In short, the completely new "B-Roll"-clip is probably the biggest spoiler-source. The rest ist pretty much sticking with the basic premise and basic character descriptions, with Eliza dropping a few (early-episode) personalities along the way.

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I didn't realize Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog was a comic book ;)
What a treasure find! Made my day!

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