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February 06 2009

Jossverse: Forbidden Love from Fox. A new video from the Jossverse, as promised, every Friday.

Let me know if the link doesn't work--I wasn't sure how to do this, so I just sent it to my own email and copy/pasted the link from there.

One week!

These videos are fun! I wish they'd use different musical cues, though. The slick commercial guitar lick is so very wrong.
The links for the new Jossverse video and the music video are the same. They'll both likely get updated, because the episode number given is "NaN", aka "Not a Number". Bad javascript!

Heh, "Yours is a forbidden love cos i'm forbiddin' it !" ;).

Hijinks are ensuing, they can't cancel a show with behind the scenes hijinks can they ? Right ? Isn't there some FCC thing ?

I'm calling minus 3 days till there's a fanfic on this new Jossverse pairing.
Tahmoh the Great Flirt. His charisma cannot be contained. ;)
You know I can teach Modern Political History at the drop of a hat but I seem to have lost the ability to figure out what the direct URL is. A big snog to the person who figures it out.
Right now, the link given is the direct link to this Jossverse episode. The folks over at FOX need to correct the links so that the Jossverse ep and the Music video have distinct (and real) episode numbers.

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A big snog to the person who figures it out.

*gingerly backs away from the figuring*
"Hotbed of lust... That's awesome." Quote of the day! Thanks Joss!
Right now, it seems Fox on Demand functions solely to crash Firefox on my computer - I can go directly to the site and browse just fine, but whenever I attempt to load a video, even one I've watched before on this very computer, nothing responds. One potentially interesting point, though: the new Jossverse clip doesn't appear on the FoD Dollhouse site.
the music video doesnt work
the music video doesnt work

As established in the actual post.
Oh good, I think that's the theme. Might create a new entry for that.
OMG ! the music video is so great ! maybe I shouldn't have watched it, because there's so many new things ! but I'm glad I did, that's everything I wanted to see in the trailers.

And we finally have our theme song ! 'What you don't know' by Jonatha Brooke, I really like it.

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Wow. Interesting video. Not sure I like the song may grow on me though. Thanks for the link JMaloney.
ooooh. Me likey the music vid a lot!
I'm sure that by a Pavlovian process of association I'll come to love that theme song, but right now it strikes me as a little...dreary.

Still, gotta love the early-Buffy connection with Jonatha Brooks.
These vids make me irrationally hopeful that the Dollhouse DVDs will be all kinds of awesome.
Loving the hijinks!

Sorry, but I don't see music video. Check the link please?

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