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February 06 2009

DVR pick-me-ups: 17 'No Delete!' shows. Which favorite TV episodes do PopWatchers save, always ready for playback on a lousy day? List includes Buffy, Angel, and How I Met Your Mother.

One More, With Feeling is probably the best piece of television I've ever seen, concept-wise and production-wise. It's unfair how many talents Joss has. :) And I'm not an Angel/Buffy fan at all, but I Will Remember You is indeed heartbreaking.
I only got a DVR this fall, and I don't intend to delete any of HIMYM season 4 until I have the DVDs in my hands. This season's been fantastic.

The only other one I've saved was "The Amazing Race" season finale, just because it was such a satisfying episode and I'll never get it on DVD.
The Puppet Show, there's just something about that episode.
I actually don't delete anything from my DVR until I absolutely have to for space. I think I still have season one of Pushing Daisies on there.

But this is a way better idea. Save episodes I particularly like... damn. I feel like I should've thought of that.
"The Puppet Show" is the first episode of Buffy I saw in full and it won me over easily (before that, parts of "The Witch" and the end of "Angel", I think, but despite a very hot pic of SMG on the cover of the Toronto Sun newspaper's TV Guide, I'd originally written the show off as sounding too Goosebumps or Are You Afraid of the Dark-ish and at 15 was making an attempt to veer away from cheese and/or juvenile in terms of viewing tastes, not that I ever gave up cartoons even then, heh), before catching up with the rest in repeats after "Prophecy Girl" that summer. Was worried the show wouldn't come back. I was still fairly into Stephen King at the time, so Xander doing the "Redrum! Redrum!" thing with Sid was hilarious to me, plus Xander just seemed like a loveable dork.

I don't have any Buffy on my PVR and, given how I sometimes get backed up for the current shows I'm watching and the movies I'm saving for later (most taped in HD, no less, so they take up a ton more space on the PVR), I'll probably never just randomly tape an ep. Can always borrow the DVDs. Might spring for Blu-Rays when they arrive, we'll see.

Really wanna see How I Met Your Mother. But too busy with seeing the last half of Season 6 of Oz this week, then it's on to Weeds Season 2, in terms of catching up on older stuff.

Interesting sidenote: Buffy ended the same year Oz did and Oz missed getting its musical episode ("Variety") out before Buffy's by three months.
I don't have a PVR and I don't plan on deleting my DVD collection :)

Something Blue (the middle, anyway)
"Triangle" and OMWF. Those are just my go-to, I-need-Buffy-and-I-need-it-now eps.
I've got OMWF, Dopplegangland, Checkpoint, Band Candy and Tabula Rasa on my iphone so whenever I need a quick fix, the scoobies are always ready for me.
You have Buffy episodes... on your phone? Truly this is the age of wonders!
I don't have Buffy or Angel on my DVR because the PTBs gave us DVDs (wow, that was a lot of acronyms). But if I did...yes, probably OMWF would probably top the list.
The big Buffy episodes for me, in no particular order, are probably OMWF, Hush, The Body, The Gift, Innocence, Passion, Restless, Becoming, The Wish, Amends, Conversations With Dead People, Chosen, and a few others I'm probably forgetting.

I probably should have tried to narrow it down a bit more, huh?
When your day is lousy, just rewatch How I Met Your Mother and it'll be awesome instead...
How did you get Buffy on your iPhone? I have seasons one and two from iTunes, but they don't have any other seasons on yet. FX used to show episodes on the weekends, but they stopped showing Buffy almost a year ago. Now I wish I kept those episodes on my DVR because Tivo has a program you can use to transfer your programs to your iPod.

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