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February 06 2009

(SPOILER) IDW announces major news for the Angelverse. A new Spike series by Brian Lynch and a Dru two-parter by Brian Lynch and Juliet Landau! Also more details about Illyria appearing in Fallen Angel.

Hmm. Not sure I really like the idea of "placing" Drusilla. She's the last major villain known to be still alive (well, undead) but wherabouts unknown. Doesn't look like she's Twilight... Frankly, I'd rather she be kept in reserve for a major Buffyverse event--maybe a movie won't ever happen, but with Drusilla at large and unconfined, we have an established, fan-known villain of sufficient threat to challenge Angel and Buffy. Of course, Joss can always retcon whatever he wants, but I would really like to preserve the possibility of a movie that can have continuity with the shows and the comics, without retconning either.
Oooh, I'm definitely picking up the Dru comics.
Agree with jclemens about Drusilla, and as for Spike, I'm torn. On the one hand, I'm glad that Spike's popularity is acknowledged to the point that he gets his own series, but on the other hand, I'm not glad that we won't be getting any more of that refreshing Angel-Spike dynamic, or that Spike's characterization will be furthered without any input from Joss. :\
Whoo...and a really big Hoo!!
Awesome news. I am so happy Brian is staying with the 'verse and bringing us two new titles. While I would prefer Spike stay with Angel, the fact that we are getting a whole new ongoing series is really, really cool.

No details about what is coming after Aftermath though? :/
Cool news.Looking forward to a full panel report.
Brian has made me very, very happy.
From what I gather,we'll have two ongoing series now.One for Angel(I have been assuming for a while that the Angel series would continue post Kelley Armstrong's Aftermath arc) and one for Spike.

Plus various miniseries.

Angel:Smile Time
Angel:Not Fade Away
Angel:Blood And Trenches
the Dru miniseries
the Fallen Angel/Illyria crossover

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Awesome! And I'm saying it as a big Spike/Drusilla and Drusilla fan. I hope the two comic series will interact somehow and that Spike and Dru would have some time together with lots of angst and maybe a closure for Dru - a-la Angel & Darla in AtF season 2.
I think Dru is the most wronged in the Fanged Four, and she deserves the chance for redemption the most - and yet she's the one left hanging, while the worse FF villains got redeemed, getting terrific stories in the process. :) Dru deserves better than being left in limbo as a run-of-the-mill baddie.
For my part, I think it would be kind of lame if all the Fanged Four got redeemed. The writers are already pushing it with Angel, Spike and Darla as it is. I think you can probably expect some Spike/Drusilla, though, Nata, since Juliet Landau is co-plotting this. (Now how about that Spike/Buffy reunion...)
The Dru comic is very intriguing since JL is co-writing it with Brian.It sounds like it's going to tie into the present storylines post ATF.

I can't see them doing a redemption story with her though.I think she's too far gone in the head for that for a start.

I wonder if Franco will be drawing that one too.

I'm glad Gunn is going to be followed up on.

I'm curious about what the plans are for the Angel series following Kelley's arc.Who the next writer could be for example.

That's why I'm looking forward to a full panel report.

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Great news about the new series. I've been curious as to how Dru is faring on her own and now some questions will be asked. As to the Spike comics, I'm glad that he is finally getting out on his own and no longer being defined by his relationship to either Buffy or Angel. I hope the break is complete and he gets out of LA also. As he's stated repeatedly, he hates that city. If he occasionally teams up with Beta George, Lorne, Tok and Beck that will be icing on the cake. Also hope his landlady pops up sometimes. She and her friends were a lot of fun and would be good for Spike. More Brian Lynch comics can only be a good thing.

I read Fallen Angel and can only imagine how great the interaction between Liandra and Illyria will be. Peter David has proven that he can write the Angel characters and J.K. Woodward does beautiful illustrations. Having two great female characters in one book is a plus for me.

Einsy, you've made an assumption that Joss won't have any input. I'm not sure that is a correct one. He and Brian have an established relationship and I doubt that Brian would take any of these characters in a direction that does not meet Joss's approval or fit in with what is happening in or planned for the Buffy/Angel universe.

Looking forward to reading (or watching) the full panel discussion.
I think this is a good thing. I love how Brian wrote AtF and I'm happy that if any new series' are coming that he is writing them. I can't see myself getting sick of an ongoing Spike story written by BL.
Who the next writer could be for example.

I would volunteer my services. Two words. Slash Angel. Just saying. Or Lorne: Dark Reign.
I love that we have the 'dream team' writing Spike again, but I'm rather disappointed that they've split the characters off into their own separate little worlds so soon after the events of AtF. There's still so much more millage yet to be made by keeping them together.
They might be able to get together sometimes, sueworld. I mean, it's not like they have to buy them plane tickets.
People are jumping the gun on Spike's own series making him totally seperate from Angel. Brian has shown that he knows how much we love the Spike/Angel dynamic.
Hey everyone!

Angel will still very much be a part of Spike's world and vice versa, no fretting.

Juliet Landau has such good ideas it's a thrill to work with her. And to read dialog for Drusilla WRITTEN by Drusilla? Gonna be amazing.
I'm disappointed. If Spike is going to be in his own series, how is he going to be in the Buffy S8 comics? I think there are enough series out there with Spike on his own.
I love the idea of Juliet and Brian collaborating on Drusilla. I think the collaboration itself could probably be it's own comic!

And I'm all for Spike being continued, especially with a writer I've been very happy with so far. I've loved Brian's stuff so far, so I'm not worried about that. I feel better after reading that Spike and Angel will not be totally separated.

It's all good so far.
Great news and yes i agree the verse is more then big enough to have three leads. I'm sure there will still be plenty of Spike/Angel interaction. Also looking forward to the Dru 2-parter. A very complicated and mysterious character.
I loved the character of Dru in the earlier seasons of Angel, and I'm glad she's not being left in the dust (so to speak). Especially after the teaser we got in S8#18, where we all thought it was gonna be Dru and then it was 'Gray Willow'
Hmm...this is interesting.
Uh, Brian, we're really never going to get sick of these. My advice is to get used to it. This is your life now. You're not allowed to stop. Ever.


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I attended the IDW Panel and it was one of the best experieces, ever. Got to talk to Brian Lynch, who, sidebar, is the man. Got to read Angel #17, which is perfect. Got to witness acts of wonder (AKA announcements) before my fan-ish eyes. I'll write/report more in my Buffyverse Comics blog later on tonight, as I just arrived home, but I have to once again say that we, the fans, have absolutely nothing to fear. ANGEL, SPIKE, and all the supporting characters couldn't be in better hands. S'gonna be a great year.
This is excellent news. I am so excited to see Dru again. I also hope we get some Spike/Dru interaction. They were the best wicked duo in dodge. Great chemistry. I couldn't be happier about how Spike is leaving Angel. He's in good hands.

You are just too lucky Pat! :)
Got a small review for Angel #17 on my site, some NYCC news bits that weren't mentioned in this link, and pictures of new Buffy and Angel covers. I can't post my own site, though, so if someone wants to, it rhymes with Schmuffyverse Lomic Gleeviews.
I can't keep up with all these comics. I'm like 7 issues behind on ATF. Also, I'm going broke buying all the darn variants! But more Buffy/Angel in my world is okay with me.
Perfect news to start my weekend!!! I've always wanted to see what happens when ensouled Spike meets Dru.. I agree with jclemens, she's the one major villain that didn't get killed and could be used for some "major event", given how she has strong links with some of the verse' characters.. But since there's no news about any major event, I'm really looking forward to this new comics series!!
Plus, Dru being written by Juliet Landau??? Just great!!
As long as Brian Lynch himself assures that
Angel will still very much be a part of Spike's world and vice versa
yay to this...yay, yay, yay :-)))

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Very nice news about the Spike.

And Juliet Landau???Wow.....I am sooo there for that story.

Little dissapointed that there was no official news on what was coming up post-Aftermath. I presume there is something...was just looking forward to hearing it:(

But.....good news all round apart from that:)
If its not canon I'm going to avoid it like the plague...
Hi! FYI, there is video in that second link now of the IDW panel (and an update of the Gunn comment as well.)
ANGELICLESTAT: The Juliet/Brian story is what comes after "Aftermath" in the main title.
Yes! More Brian Angel books! That's what I like to hear.
Brian, I will never, never, never get sick of reading about Spike. I'm not really that crazy about Drusilla, I am much more a Spike/Buffy fan, but I know that seeing S/B together anywhere is a dream I'm not likely to see come true. I am really excited that you are going to do another Spike series. This has totally made my day!!!!!
Great news Brian! Having a new Spike adventure to look forward to and the fact we don't have to miss out on the wonderful Angel/Spike dynamic! This sounds awesome, i am so in!
Knew there was a good reason I decided to check out Whedonesque again today. Great news to come back to. About time Spike got the spotlight in more than the odd television episode or limited series. And written by Brian, as well? Only way this gets better is if it branches off to a Spike television show.

What? Too much optimism?
They would be good, but IDW is overusing Angel.
Too many series right now.

[ edited by Angel TheVampire on 2009-02-07 23:09 ]
I need to know more facts about these series before I even consider buying them.
Not really sure how this could be considered overusing, Angel TheVampire. If the quality starts to suffer then I'll agree that they have stretched things too far but as long as each Angel/Spike project remains at it's present standard then I'd say they are using the characters just about perfectly.

If it's a money issue for you, that I can appreciate. But then again, you don't need to buy everything they put out. Just stick with what you enjoy.

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