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February 06 2009

Dollhouse - "What You Don't Know" music video. Jonatha Brooke sings the theme song in full. New Dollhouse footage as well so if you're spoiler-phobic, watch at your own peril.

Posted on the previous thread, but I like this very much. Love the fight scene glimpses we see in the vid.

Might want to add spoiler for those really spoilerphobic peeps out there. New footage and all.
Yep, that's the theme song, but it's swapped around (and I think tempo slowed). The opening few seconds are not from the theme, that's from an episode.

Edit: the video is very spoilery.

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I can not believe they spelt Jonatha's last name wrong. But I love the song, it's very Bondian.
Includes list of dates for "all new episodes", which ends with March 27. Is there a break between then and another new one?
Good to hear Jonatha on a Whedon show again. I hadn't thought - but perhaps this will be another show with good music as Buffy was.
Different to what I was expecting, but still, very, very good. Excited to see how they edit that for an intro.
I'm not 100%, but I think bits of the intro are actually there, but obviously it's slowed right down, the artists are in there, and lots of other stuff. I'm actually surprised by how much episode footage they've put in to this. But, well, needs must I suppose.

Anyway, it's nifty. The song is great - really great - although perhaps harps back to the days of "Echo" more so than the footage on display.

Edit: DH intro is 30 seconds, for anybody wondering. Outro is 30 seconds also, with Mutant Enemy Grr-Arr at the end.

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The theme song is really good. I like it very much, cant stop listening and watching it.
DH intro is 30 seconds, for anybody wondering.

Is there a specific reason the theme song is 30 seconds? If anything, I'd imagine its that Remote-Free TV campaign, if DH still has that going on.

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30 second intro is pretty standard, Jayme. The lyrics at the beginning o' the song are the main theme ones.
I like the theme song but I LOVE the video! I didn't even see one episode but this video made me love the show. I loved so much the new footage!! Paul in the ring was awesome.
Outro is 30 seconds also, with Mutant Enemy Grr-Arr at the end.

I assumed as much, but you have no idea how happy I'm gonna be to hear "Grr Arrgh" come out of my TV again.

The music video is very cool.
I would have thought the music in the Echo Chamber page of the Dollhouse Fox website would have made a great opening theme, but Miss Brooke's song should also work.
30 second intro is pretty standard, Jayme.

Haha, I knew, knew, knew I should have specified; I was strictly talking Joss TV. 50 Seconds being the norm for him.
Wow, the video was a little more spoilery than I wanted, but I love the music.
That was AWESOME. I especially loved the creepy little music box bit at the end...
This was a decent song, though I cannot imagine it ever bettering the Buffy, Angel, or Firefly themes. Still, it's not bad, and like QingTing pointed out, the music box bit at the end is brilliant.

What excites me most is the footage, which looks like classic Joss.
I'd very much like to hear the actual theme version. There's a section in this longer version that seems like wandering filler to me, so I'd like to hear what it will actually sound like as a 30-second theme song.
Includes list of dates for "all new episodes", which ends with March 27. Is there a break between then and another new one?

They've probably only committed to airing six episodes, and want to see the ratings before planning further.
Yeah, that just doesn't match Reilly's repeated statements that they can afford to give it twelve weeks to prove itself. Although it's possible -- big fat "nothing but speculation" label here -- that what they've done is committed the Friday 9PM slot for the first seven episodes, at which point they'll decide whether to leave it there or move it.
I've got to say, I REALLY like the theme.
Oh, wow. Amazing. Going back for seconds now...
That was most excellent.
Wow, that theme song sent shivers up my spine. Love it.
It's so strange and very cool that after watching this music video - and this clip, which I saw earlier - I'm now really, really excited about Dollhouse. Well, watching them, and I think mebbe combined with with Joss' answer to my question yesterday on his conference call.

Don't get me wrong, I've obviously been into it (despite my recent concerns raised by some of the promo campaigns) - following everything that's come out about the show. I've been picnicking, and non-picnicking, and laughing and crying and what have you about it.

But something just clicked for me in a different way - I think it may have been the vulnerability in Eliza's face in some of the shots - and I emotionally connected to the material in a way I haven't been able to before. And suddenly I could see that this show could be awesome.

Eliza really can do this - hell, I think she may have done it - and if they can carry off this whole tightrope walk - this show could be amazing, despite everything. And I'm fully prepared to give this time to build.

I'm pretty stoked - you know, stoked to about 11. UC, it does look like classic Joss - and now it's Joss with Eliza - which is not to say like anything he's done before. Just rich, and textured and layered and with that touch of real and dark like nobody else does.

Oh, and I like the song buckets.
I adore this song and couldn't be more excited that the pilot is only ONE WEEK away!!!!
Pretty much what QuoterGal said. Recent clips and this video have gotten me to see how great this show could be.
Huh? When I click on the link I get the "Where did you here about the Wallhouse?" goof clip? Where are you guys watching this vid! Lol I searched down the bottom at all their other vids and I couldn't spot a music video?
@vampmogs - Same thing just happened to me. Has it been removed or something? What gives? I wanna hear the awesomeness! I am cry. :(
Grr. Arrgh. Can someone please just put it on YouTube. Stupid Fox on Demand never wants to work for me... *kicks my computer*
I'm really loving all the behind-the-scenes videos we keep getting and all the little extras on Dollhouses website. Very awesome and fun. I'm excited to be able to program my DVR to record Dollhouse this Friday. :)
Glad to know I'm not the only one that it's not working for. It does look like they may have removed it. Fingers crossed someone got a copy of it somehow and is able to post it on youtube :)
K, the song is really growing on me, haha. I had posted in the other thread about how I didn't really care for it. But after watching the video a couple times I have changed my mind.

The clips just blow my mind. I am beyond excited about this show now! If the first episode isn't the greatest, I am not going to worry. It looks like something that will take a while to build up, but will be amazing when it does.
iTunes, please. Lyrics, please.
Did they take the music video down? The link takes me to another vid now.
I, like a few others above, cannot find the music video. The link connects to a goof clip. Can someone please provide the correct link?
Yeah, can't find it. Help?
It has mysteriously appeared on YouTube.

I do not at all support this!
Thanx for letting us know, Jobo!
This song's okay, but it does seem to be growing on me. Still not as good as the Buffy, Angel, and Firefly themes, but I can't wait to here it on tv!

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Oh. My. Floppy. Hoppy. Bunnies. he,he ... I just had visual sensory overload. I need all 13 episodes of Dollhouse now! Awesome stuff... and yes, the music box bit at the end of the song is awesome.
Thanks for linking to this :)
The beginning of that song is a bit too Lilith Fair for my liking, but it does get better once Jonatha cranks it up a little.
I'm quite sure that once my brain begins to associate the song with the show I'll be salivating at it like Pavlov's bitch.
In case it gets pulled from YouTube, I've gone and downloaded it. Now I can watch it every day until the premiere. Tee-hee. :)
Pointy, lyrics as best I can grab 'em:

Whenever I invisiblize something, I want to write "blinvisible" in the code.
MissB said:

I'm quite sure that once my brain begins to associate the song with the show I'll be salivating at it like Pavlov's bitch.

Hee! Totally!

And I was finding it a bit Lilith Fair too at first, but I think a lot of that has to do with watching the singer in the vid. If I close my eyes when she comes on it's less so.

I really hope they incorporate the music box sounds at the end into the credits! Because that's just perfect.

Thanks for the youtube link, Jobo!
I'm guessing cause they spelt Jonatha's name wrong, they took the video down. But I've switched the link to the YouTube URL.
Loved the song, loved the look, had a very darkangel-y vibe in a couple of those snippets (which to me is a good thing, YMMV), was creeped out by others (in a good, happy way). I'm ready to fall helplessly in love with this show.
I think it's good, I'm not sure I like it as much as the other openings, but I have to see it first anyway. It's imho inportant how it fits the actual credits.

Just wondering, what was the song that the used in the first promos then? The one that sounded like Massive Attack's "Teardrop" with the "If you could take a dream and make it real, would you?"-lyrics? That was a great song as well.

My favorite theme song from all of Joss's show is the one of "Angel" by the way. I think that is really the most beautiful theme. Kudos to Darling Violetta.
I think that other song was also by Jonatha Brooke ? Dunno the title though, soz ;).

I like it but won't know until I hear it in its final 'theme' version and with the imagery if it's the total package (I didn't actually watch the video, just started the Tube rolling and flicked to another tab). It's a departure theme wise for a Joss show BUT it sounds a lot like the sort of thing they'd use within an episode (as Simon said, a bit Bond-ish but also very Kim Richey/Sarah McLachlan IMO).
What Saje said. Except, I did watch the video and then felt like QG. Seriously, you guys make it difficult to have even one tiny original thought in here (which, maybe, resonates with the Dollhousian theme ;)).
I agree that the song takes some getting used to and I still prefer Buffy and Angel's theme over this one, but I like this song better than Firefly's already. I must be the only Joss Whedon fan in history who *hated* the Firefly theme song with a fiery passion and after hearing it once, as a result, skipped through the credits every single time I've re-watched Firefly since. It was beyond hokey and cheesy and I feel embarrassed even in a dark room all by myself listening to it.. gah! I’ve always thought Buffy’s was the best- it’s a classic.

This one does take some getting used to, but I think when it's condensed (which it inevitably will be) they'll make something special of it. I do think, as someone pointed out, the inclusion of actually seeing the singer made it feel odd as well.

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I love the whole part of the video with Boyd and Echo from The Target – especially when Boyd gently touches Echo’s hand after she’s been wiped and how they look at each other beforehand. So many emotions on so little space! If he show can be so intense in just a few glimpses from a music video than what about when we actually see the show itself? Can’t f#####g wait to find out! And yeah, judging by just that scene with Boyd an Echo alone, I think that The Target will indeed be an awesome episode.
Thank you for the lyrics, QuoterGal!
Yay it's on YouTube now. Digg the video.
When I went to to see if she'd written anything about shooting this video (she did, but not much; you can see it here), I also found this great poem by William Stafford in the same entry, and it seemed fitting:

You and Art

Your exact errors make a music
that nobody hears.
Your straying feet find the great dance,
walking alone.
And you live on a world where stumbling
always leads home.

Year after year fits over your face –
when there was youth, your talent
was youth;
later, you find your way by touch
where moss redeems the stone;

And you discover where music begins
before it makes any sound,
far in the mountains where canyons go
still as the always-falling, ever-new flakes of snow.

I wasn't familiar with his poetry, so I checked it out and found some more of it here, and I think his poems are quite lovely - very simply written.

Thought you might enjoy these, essentially brought to you by Jonatha Brooke.
Ugh, gone again. I wanna see!!!
sunshineguinn, you might wanna visit the e-address posted in your profile.

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