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February 06 2009

Bottle Shock new to Netflix Watch Instantly. Eliza Dushku fans who missed this indie drama in its limited theatrical release can now catch it in streaming video. Must have a Netflix membership and a strong internet connection.

The film also stars Alan Rickman, Chris Pine, Freddy Rodriguez, Danny DeVito and Bill Pullman, to name a few. Rated PG-13 for brief strong language, some sexual content and a scene of drug use.

See this movie! It's adorable, and Eliza is fantastic.
Saw the DVD last night. Eliza is on the commentary as well.
Really? Sweet! I have to rent this now. I'm a commentary nut, and her Wrong Turn and Tru Calling commentaries were pretty enjoyable, if I recall.
Bottle Shock is great, I recommend it. Fantastic cast.
I love the film and learned about artistic license.
Lets just say I have worked with and dined with Steven Spurrier (played by Alan Rickman), so facts and persona are a little bit over dramatised. But hay it was neat see a movie made on someone you knew.

In fact we reproduced THE famous tasting 10 years later,here in Canada with Steven.

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I might see it for Rickman and Eliza, but damn. The things I do for my Whedon actors. Last weekend I watched Thr3e with the play instantly feature because Marc Blucas stars in it. Well, you know, Marc is a personable guy and a very decent actor, but the material was beneath him.

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