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February 06 2009

Wired examines who could play the next Lara Croft. Wired names Summer Glau as an actress they think has the action chops to play Croft, and cites her work in "TSCC."

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I would love to see Summer as Lara or Wonder Woman, but I just don't think it is going to happen. She has a very unique look that does not fit the preconceived vision that many people have for those characters.

I love the black/white picture on this website though. I think it could totally work, plus she would bring all of the Whedonite fan base with her.
Morena Baccarin would be a much more visually accepted choice I think. But since she is relativley unknown outside of firefly/Serenity her non-whedonite fan appeal is low.

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Priyanka Chopra

My first thought was that Summer looks too young and little for Lara, but this "reboot" will explore Lara's origins and stuff, so I think Summer would be a great choice. Do I want her to play Lara? No. I love the character, but the movies are pretty terrible.
Summer Glau would get me to go to a Lara Croft film, something I won't do for any other actress. I would be surprised if it happens, but I love hearing her name put forward for these things!
Isn't Lara a lot um... bustier than Summer? Please note that this is not a disparaging remark, as I think Summer is gorgeous, just pointing out that the video game character is ridicolously proportioned. I would much prefer to have Summer stay in T:SCC or something that is good other than a Tomb Raider thing.
Summer would be a better Fray than Lara. Just don't see her as Croft.
Summer does not strike me as the Lara Croft type, not even remotely. Now SMG might be more appropriate for Lara Croft.
TJV Especially the SMG of the Wishverse. Wasn't Buffy's Watcherless look patterned after Lara Croft?
Morgan Freeman, natch.

Isn't Lara a lot um... bustier than Summer?

Well Angelina Jolie had a little help in that regard, no reason they couldn't do the same thing.

That said, no, Summer's not really the Lara Croft type IMO. But she's moreso than SMG. Hate to be heightist (being more David than Goliath myself ;) but Lara Croft isn't petite in any way. Back before the films the video game company would have models dressed as Croft tour for promo purposes and the closest one to my mind physique wise was always Nell McAndrew who is gorgeous and feminine but is also 5'9" in her socks, runs marathons for charity and looks like she could kick the arse of most things you put in front of her (and she's from Yorkshire which instantly makes her harder than Lara Croft anyway ;).

ETA: Another of the contenders, Rhona Mitra, was also once a Lara BTW.

Morena has the look and approximate physique, if she could do the accent (or at least get as close as Ms Jolie did).

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Yep, I think a lot could be done with padding, tall shoes, and shooting angles. However, when all is said and done, I think that the next Tomb Raider should lean towards the more Amazonian end of the scale.

I'd definitely go and see Summer in a Tomb Raider movie, though - or anything on the big screen!
I hadn't made the connection before, but I think Summer would make a great Lara. Her look might not be spot on but I reckon she could nail Lara's character. Plus, we might actually get a decent Tomb Raider film with Summer in the lead role.

Isn't Lara a lot um... bustier than Summer?

Thought I should point out that Angelina was based on the original top-heavy Lara. Presuming the new movie will follow the more recent games Summer wouldn't be far off.
I think Summer, as much as I love her, is too wispy to play Lara Croft or Wonder Woman.
Is it wrong I'd like to see Summer do a romantic comedy or something where she's just a working gal, trying to make it in a career, like a modern-day Mary Tyler Moore? She is, of course, wonderful in the action projects she's done, but I'd like to see her be a regular young woman, if I can use that phrase without offense.

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