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February 06 2009

(SPOILER) Stills from Dollhouse 1x03 "Stage Fright". Promo pics of episode 3.

Wait, so is it episode number 3 or 4? Because Spoiler TV says it's 4... I know, that it was shot as 4 and then it was supposed to be reodered to 3, but Spoiler TV was the first source, which informed about The Target being 2, so I would assume, that they would also have the correct info for Stage Fright. But who knows, maybe it's just a mistake caused by the confusion due to the reordering of the episodes...
I think Spoiler TV had "Stage Fright" as 3 just a few days ago. Maybe the confusion comes from the fact(?), that Fox sent out "Ghost", "The Target" and "Gray Hour" as screeners?

Anyway, back then they reported the airdate for "Stage Fright" as Feb. 27th. That makes it episode 3.

ETA: And they've updated this entry now too:

Update: 14:30 Sorry for the confusion. I had originally labeled this as 1.04 (the production order) but this will actually air as Episode 1.03

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I never realized how small Eliza is until I saw that pic of her next to that woman. Guess its cuz she always seemed like she towered over SMG and AH.
I'm really hoping that all this reordering won't create any noticeable continuity errors, such as in Firefly's 'The Message' where Jayne refers to River as a psychic. Things like that kinda bug me.
Well, the first 5-7 eps are all standalones so it should be ok I think.

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