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"I think my bad guys are better than her bad guys."
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February 07 2009

Ask Joss a question. wants your questions, on any topic, for an upcoming video interview with Joss that will be posted on Feb. 13th to commemorate Dollhouse's debut.

I'm trying to post a question, but it keeps saying my post contains spam, and it won't post :-/

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

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Is your question "Joss, how would you like to make money FAST while also enhancing your manhood ?"


I like Tonya J's question and since I can only think of "Joss, why do you write such strong female characters and when you do what do they have on their iPods ?" I think i'm gonna mentally root for that one.
Is your question "Joss, how would you like to make money FAST while also enhancing your manhood ?"

Hah! But no. I actually have a really good question, so I am very disappointed :-( I tried emailing the help but haven't heard back. Now it's saying that my question exceeds 10000 words, which is ridiculous. It's about 70 words! It just doesn't like me.
Well, I guess if you're using Firefox you could try Internet Explorer (or vice versa). Some sites just don't get on with one or the other.
Just tried switching servers and nope. -sigh-
Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

Have you tried using a different email address? It might be blocking certain domain names.
"Robot-hooker hybrid"...?
I always wanted to know if there was a story reason for Angel being brought back from hell in season three other than the First doing it. If it was just the First, why did it bring him back? Did it honestly think it could get Angel to kill Buffy or himself, or was it part of some bigger end game, like having him around to head off W&H (edit: and I suppose Jasmine) while it made its move in Buffy season seven?

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TV Guide's website has a lot of problems, seems to me. I use IE Tab in Firefox, and it still doesn't always work (didn't always work right in IE, either, which is why I quit bothering to switch browsers for it.)

Okay, I just posted over there, and it worked fine using IE Tab. Maybe they've got some of their issues fixed.
Archon, that IS a good question!
I like Tonya J's question

Why thank you, kind sir. ETA: Why don't you ask one anyway, Saje?

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Tonya: "Joss, it seems impossible with all of you have achieved to date that you could out-do yourself. Do you have an ultimate project you want to attempt, or at least, one so daring that the thought of it daunts even you?"

Can Joss Himself make a project so large he cannot lift it?

; >
Anyone want to take a bet on how many questions there will be about a Serenity 2/Buffy movie? ;)

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Perhaps one of the questions submitted should be posed to TV Guide, not Joss: "Could you please not ask any questions about Serenity 2 or a Buffy movie?"
I just noticed the extra word in my question ... Heel of palm, meet forehead. I should never be allowed near a computer when I'm that tired.
Hee. I thought you might've put "of" instead of "that" but then again, I thought maybe you were implying that Joss was made up of more than one person (like Saje) or contained multitudes, which is fitting when you consider Dollhouse.
... made up of more than one person (like Saje)

Call me Saje, for I am many ;).

(I just wish I earned more than one wage, the overheads are killing me here)

ETA: Why don't you ask one anyway, Saje?

Gotta be honest Tonya J, I really have trouble thinking of questions until about two weeks after the interview (I also have trouble with being much too lazy to register on the site ;).
Why don't you just get one of the other yous to do it?
I hear you about thinking something up. It's very hard to think of something to ask Joss, since he's been asked just about everything, and multiple times. You know, you wonder how he takes it in good humor, like the "strong women characters" thing. Maybe he just waits til he's home and kicks something, breaks some of the good china, or over-caffeineates himself like Scorsese in The Muse, rather than hitting the hard liquor.
contained multitudes

"I contradict myself? Very well, I contradict myself." Why don't I ever think of that classy stuff when I'm caught being crazy? Right now, I'm only actually curious about the Rolling Stone claim that Joss said he's leaving TV, but that will probably be resolved before the end of this game. And I never had the nerve to ask him any questions when I met him, so screw me.
Why don't you just get one of the other yous to do it?

We're all lazy. Personally i'd swap 'killer badminton skills' for 'can actually be arsed' but he/I wouldn't have it (though I must admit, 'peel an orange with one hand' is pretty useful).

Maybe he just waits til he's home and kicks something...

Yeah, he's borderline saintly with some of it. Couple of times though, some (no-doubt well intentioned) person will ask him about, for instance, 'Serenity 2' and you just see him sag, like, "Again ??". Makes you wanna buy him a pint ;).
Makes you wanna buy him a pint ;).

Because if we get him drunk he'll tell us when Serenity 2 is happening?
Or finally cave and tell us what's on his iPod.
Serenity 2 came out last year. But even less people saw it. These two sentences are factually true.
First to Archon. Jasmine told Angel he was brought back purely so that she could exist (he has Connor, Connor knocks up Cordy, Jasmine comes to fruition). Unless I missed something and she said "Nah! Just kidding!"

As for my questions, they're under the name Tommy Mac on the fourth page. Please go and click "Recommend"!!! Even if you hate the questions, which I don't think you will.
I want to know if Joss and his brothers are going to crash the Castle wrap party.
I hope Doc took pictures at the Dollhouse wrap party.
Turbofist911, I think I remember that now... and actually now remember asking this question in the past and getting/remembering the same answer. I'm getting senile about 40 or 50 years too early. Thanks for the response in any case.
Those questions! Tonya, you are a shoe-in judging from the other questions. "What was in the syringe?" "Do you consider yourself a feminist?" "When will you do Serenity 2?" Don't these people read Whedonesque? The answers are all here, so why waste a question?
Seriously, I understand the urge to ask a question when given the opportunity but originality would be nice.
Don't know if I'm a shoe-in, Lioness, but it would be cool to see what he came up with if asked mine (possible scenario: "Why yes, isn't she brilliant and perceptive! But I can't talk about it because it's top secret" ... Then I cry.) I saw some pretty good questions there but I have a feeling Joss isn't going to get much of "the fresh stuff," as he put it once.
Hehe, yeah the "Do you consider yourself a feminist?" question made me laugh.
Don't know if anyone's still checking in here but saw this at the ask a question site:

matt mitovich: Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 9:28 am PST

Thank you, everyone! Joss is coming by in an hour. Stay tuned!

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