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February 07 2009

(SPOILER) The Dollhouse info dump (part one). With Fox's PR machine firing on all cylinders , here's some Dollhouse coverage you have missed. The New York Times has a new interview with Joss. Showtracker focuses on the recent photoshoot, sexuality and women and has a very thorough recap of Thursday's conference call. And to finish, Fox has a new Friday night promo for Dollhouse and TSCC.

As inspired by Whedonesque's "review dump" entries for Serenity back in September 2005.

That ad, FWIW, aired in at least some markets during Friday night's episode of BSG on the Sci Fi Channel.
Really love the second interview. Thanks for posting these!

Joss, RE Eliza's sexy photos:

I do support it. I saw the photo shoot, and I mostly support it because Eliza was very comfortable with it and very pleased with the photos. She's very comfortable with her body.

I think this is why those photos didn't bother me. She just looks so confident and proud, and from seeing Eliza on interviews and such, she seems to really own her sexuality.

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Have this TvWeek interview been linked to ?

"Mr. Whedon: Nobody in the business ever approaches me about a “Buffy” project. It’s only fans."
This never ceases to amaze.

Or this LA Times from the same conference call, but with added

" But then I noticed it for the first time when I heard some girl talk. "I really like the cuff of those pants." I was like, "Ah, girl talk. I'm safe. I'm home." Actually that was me and Tim Minear, by the way."

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I like the new Friday night trailer (maybe not the most innovative, but it is eye-catching, and I think that's what we need).

I also really like the shot of naked Eliza surrounded by the polaroids (it's in the Showtracker link). I can't quite put my finger on it, but I think it's something to do with her expression; she looks less 'blank' than in some of the other shots, but the composition still gets the point across. It's also more intriguing to me than naked-chick-in-water.
That's the promo that aired during Bones on Thursday. I've also seen some promos during Damages on FX.
OK, best will in the world, what are we calling spoilers now ? Cos that Collider interview actually talks about something that happens at the end of episode 1 (maybe briefly, I don't know cos that's where I stopped reading).

Great collection of stuff, i'll come back to it after i've seen the show.
Fox promo in 2 words: "Chicks, Violence"

I guess that's how you get Joe Blow.
I think the new promo does what it should: make Dollhouse look exciting and pair it with TSCC.

There's no way they were going to promote Dollhouse as part of Fox's All-Girl-Meditation-On-The-Meaning-Of-Human-Subjectivity-Friday-Night! So, I think this is the way to go.

When the Friday timeslot was first announced, we all hoped that they would promote it in conjunction with TSCC, and they seem to be doing a good job of it.
Septimus, you're right.

I agree this is the best way to draw an audience to these two shows in the constraints of a 30-second spot. My (admittedly oblique) comment was just that it seems funny to take a show like Dollhouse about fundamental themes of identity, self-awareness, etc. and boil it down to "Chicks & Violence." But for a commercial enterprise this is probably the best approach.
Digg the interview transcript, if dig it you do. (Yeah, lots of spoilers, but excellent thoughts.)
She just looks so confident and proud, and from seeing Eliza on interviews and such, she seems to really own her sexuality.

I agree, but those pictures where her skin is all lights and cars still bug me. Nobody owns that in their skin. So it makes her look like she's not a person.

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