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February 07 2009

Highlights from the Dark Horse panel at NYCC. The Buffyfest blog recaps the relevant Jossverse news (not much in terms of hard news but there's videos of the panel and who knew Twilight was really that person?). In related NYCC coverage, Marvel has announced that the first ten issues of Astonishing X-Men will be turned into Motion Comics. John Cassaday will be "directing" the animation.

Oh I hope someone posts about Joss' Dollhouse panel tomorrow! Please?!
I'm glad to read that even the "spin-offs" are approved by Joss.
Apparently unlike IDW's "spin-offs."
Enough of the IDW/Dark Horse nonsense, anyone wanting to play silly buggers can go elsewhere. I'd like to think we're above the DC/Marvel fanboy drivel.
I believe Dollverse will have panel coverage tomorrow. As I'm sure everywhere else will.
Why issues 1-10? That's kinda weird.
Sorry, Simon. I'm still giggling from, eh, whatever.

Okay, back to topic....Well, that was the topic:)
He agreed to write something he shouldn't have agreed to write?
Okay, so the Darkhorse spin-offs are canon and the IDW spin-offs aren't? I'm getting confused, especially with all the Spike spin-offs. The only thing I'm sure of at this point is that I'll be getting "Tales of the Vampires" when it comes out.

ET say that I'm sure we'll find out soon enough what extra project Joss didn't say "no" to.

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ET say that I'm sure we'll find out soon enough what extra project Joss didn't say "no" to.

That would be the Shepherd Book mini-series. IIRC, Dark Horse was originally aiming to publish issue 1 in December 2008, but Joss has yet to even turn in an outline.
As I read it, this extra project he should have said "no" to is one of the things that pushes Shepherd Book back.

Could be a new guest-thing like X-Men or Runaways.
I guess the new Tales of the Vampires one shot is more officially-official than I thought. I hope the potential Fray comes true potentially someday!
Potential Dollhouse? Hasn't Joss said repeatedly that he didn't see Dollhouse as a comic? And I must say that I too was surprised by the revelation of who Twilight is. Talk about coming out of left field!
I'm severely disappointed to hear that a Shepherd's Tale isn't even on paper yet. Hard to have a Trilogy of Trilogies (AST would be volume 3) when one third of it is still in someone's head.

Grr, Arghh.
I don't know, I think the whole George Washington thing is a mislead. My money's on Lincoln.

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