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February 07 2009

"Cabin" starts six-week BC shoot in March. So says Vancouver Film dot Net, and confirmed by the BC Film Commission. It does appear to be filming under the name Mordecai.

Other random tidbits: Production Designer is Martin Whist, and the Director of Photography is Peter Deming.

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No way! They're shooting here? Too awesome.
Peter Deming was the DP on Scream.
And 'Evil Dead II'.

That's almost too convergey to be true.
It's weird, but it's what the BC Film Commission says.
Seasoned horror professionals. What could be better for supporting this statement: "You will love it so much that there will be no more need for movies," Whedon said ... You'll just want to watch that movie over and over again, and they won't make other ones."

So silly. And probably true.
That's fine. He'll just make a TV show afterward.
Excellent news! Between this and "Dollhouse", I'm in delight with some fresh Joss Whedon stories. Counting fingers and toes 'til the date. Whoo hoo!
Wait, so the Bradley Whitford thing is a definite? I thought that was part of the misinfo we'd gotten a while ago.
Bill Nighy (he of the nightie I thankfully won't have to endure) and Jenna Malone were the erroneously announced actors reported at the New York Times in a recent topic.
Wow. Bradley Whitford. I know him best from The West Wing, so him being in Cabin in the Woods is a little surprising. But I suppose that's what acting is all about - taking chances, doing things that aren't expected.
What happened to the "let's film in L.A." vibe that Joss had for Serenity?
Perhaps the right kind of woods just aren't available in L.A. Or they have to go so far out that they might as well do it in B.C.
Plus, the dollar is better again. More bang for the buck up in BC, once again.
It's true that woods are pretty thin on the ground in LA. However, scrubby hills for cowboy movies? No problem.
Plus Vancouverites are extra shiny people.

I wonder if Joss will be coming up, or will it just be Drew. If Drew, I wonder if we can get a bunch of people dressed as Fake Thomas Jeffersons to greet him at the airport.

And as an aside, I just saw Jewel having breakfast at my local IHOP (International House of Pancakes for those who don't know -- but then given that it is supposedly international maybe you all do know). I've met her before, but this was the first time I've seen a Whedon celeb out in the wild.

IHOP is the strangest thing to be described as "the wild".
Perhaps the right kind of woods just aren't available in L.A.

It's just that I remember the passion Joss had when he said how important was to film in LA and support the local community. For some reason I feel disappointed about it filming in Vancouver but I know I really shouldn't be.
Of course, back when he was on for Wonder Woman, it was slated to film in Australia.
True but Cabin seems much more personal to Joss than Wonder Woman.
Joss was asked about the LA thing once and I seem to recall him saying something like it wasn't really because he was making a big statement, but more they a) could do it in LA and b) that's where his family is.
The article on filming Serenity in LA.
It may be a studio call with regards to filming in Vancouver, especially now that the US dollar has gotten stronger, as Aurra pointed out.

This makes me pretty giddy though - now, if I can only get an audition for it!
Yes, well, MGM does a lot of their TV filming in Vancouver, so they have something of an established regular presence up there.
A regular presence would also mean equipment and crew members they know they can trust.

I'm Canadian, so I always get a little bristly at the idea of LA protectionism. Our crews and actors need work too.

"When you need two actors to run through the woods in low-cut nighties, you immediately think of Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford..."

Now that's what I call challenging the stereotypes lol.
By the way, that Jena Malone rumor that Joss knocked down only to have Bloody Disgusting pry it open again? Funny, but she's about to open Off-Broadway. Sorry, BD.

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