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"Baby, meet yourself."
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February 07 2009

Happy Birthday Seth Green! Raise a glass to celebrate his 35th Birthday.

It appears that everyone who has appeared in the Jossverse have eternally youthful looks. Hum.

How to write awesomely and the location of the fountain of youth are Joss's big secrets ;)
Must be that bottled water Joss serves on the set.

Happy Birthday, Seth.
Happy birthday, Seth!
Happy Birthday, Seth!
I think it's Joss' lessons on how to do sexy walks.
Happy Birthday, Seth Green!
Happy Birthday, Seth :-)))))!
A very Happy Birthday Seth and please have many more. BTW LOVE Robot Chicken.
Happy birthday Seth! If I was under 40 again, you'd be on my to do list.
Seth, happy B-day and many more years of wonderful hot geekniess to come! :D
Wheeeee, happy b-day, Seth!! :D
Yeah, Seth! Have a great birthday!

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