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February 07 2009

Danny Strong, Marti Noxon win Writers Guild Awards. Strong's script for Recount wins for "Long Form - Original" at tonight's WGA Awards, while Noxon won for "Dramatic Series" as part of the writing staff on Mad Men.

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Meanwhile, the WGA never did get back to me as to why, given that they struck over New Media, their own awards don't have any New Media categories.

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Congratulations, Marti! Congratulations, Danny!
Yay for both Danny and Marti. As for giving writing awards to new media, I'm sure the WGA will have to add categories next year. The success of Dr. Horrible would require it.
Yay for Marti and Danny! Haven't seen Mad Men but Recount was great. A factual, non sensationalist, script that managed to be really entertaining even though we all knew the ending!
Nikki Finke must have been choking a bit while reporting on Danny Strong's win for Recount since she's dissed it at least a couple of times, the second time I read seemingly apropos of nothing. Yay Danny! I still haven't seen any of Mad Men, either, but yay Marti!
Well deserved, Recount was an absolute gem. It takes a really fine piece of work to make something so compelling, when you already know how it ends. And in many cases (such as me), when you followed every twist and turn, as it was unfolding.

And I didn't realize that Marti was on the Mad Men staff - way to go with the quality production.
It's worth mentioning that Neil Patrick Harris hosted the event, also. :)
Recount was amazing. It proves itself that even when we all know how it ends (sad but true) you are still captured by it and hopelessly hopeful as you watch. Just gives me one more reason to be a fan of Danny! :D
Congrats to them both.
Recount was very good. Mad Men is incredible. And I liked the one episode this season Marti was credited for co-writing quite a bit. :)
I'm so happy for Danny, because his script set the ball rolling to get the film made, and in the cases of the Emmys and the Golden Globes, he lost the writing award to the John Adams adaptation. Hooray the WGA Awards separate out Original from Adaptation and he got the recognition he deserves!

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