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February 08 2009

A behind the scenes chat with Liz Craft and Sarah Fain. This is not the same as the other Q & A with these two. Also includes brief comments on the author's thoughts on the episodes s/he's seen. In related coverage, Showtracker interviews Dollhouse set decorator David A. Koneff.

That was kind of hard to get through, what with all the bad writing.
Doesn't seem too badly written to me. Though it's a little odd that they call TSCC a potentially potent lead in. On that note, is anyone able to tell me how many viewers Terminator usually pulls?
Reading these articles is interesting. Some writers are no doubt lazy and don't bother getting their facts straight but others seem to genuinely misunderstand what is going on. This one seems to think that Echo is a robot or fembot. Given that TSCC is on the same night and Joss has done his fair share of fembots, this is an understandable mistake.
Recently a reviewer criticized Coraline for being yet another bad movie by Tim Burton. That kind of error is harder to accept.
Yeah, first of all its not bad, second of all its not Tim Burton. Tim has a story credit on Nightmare Before Christmas (he didn't even write the screenplay, but he gets all of the credit for writing and directing it, truth be damned), the director was Henry Selick (working with Laika on the animation) who also directed Coraline, which is, of course, from a book by Neil Gaiman.
I don't want to live on the Dollhouse set. I just want to vacation there.
Lioness, I'm right there with you. Except where you seem to have a calm approach to expressing your views, I'm just angry.

I literally could not sit through that video. Holy crap. That wasn't just bad, it was offensive. To me. And I'm a guy.


Have these people even heard of the show??? Look, I get that it was a throwback to the Grindhouse thing, which, last I checked, didn't exactly sweep the nation when it was being championed by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarentino...

Am I the only one who thinks this kind of marketing is exactly the wrong way to go? Let's face it, this show appeals to people interested in exploring ideas, asking questions, and anybody who comes for the "hotties" with guns killin' stuff all the time are going to leave after ten minutes of all that talking.

Okay, vent over.

it is getting really hard to keep up with all this stuff.

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