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February 08 2009

(SPOILER) Buffyfest video interview with Brian Lynch. Excellent and spoilerific interview with the Angel+Spike writer. Lots of teases and spoilers-you have been warned!

Great interview.A lot more details on the Spike series, the Dru 2 parter and Brian's thoughts on the reaction to ATF #16 and the general state of the Buffyverse following ATF #16 and Season 8 #21

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Brian really reminds me of Joss in how he interviews. A lot of similar mannerisms. Could explain why Brian is so damn good at writing the Whedonverse characters. Long lost brothers, perhaps? The newest urban legend begins here.

Great interview. Cannot wait for Spike Season 1, hehe!

Sorry, Brian, like it or not that is so gonna stick. ;)
Oh it's not Season 1. It'll just the greatest comic series ever. Hopefully. Can you tell I'm excited?
One thing that can be said about the interview was that excitement was quite obvious. Everyone should be excited by now.
You can always tell the difference between a writer working on a book because he wants the money and a writer working on a book because he genuinely loves the character... and also wants the money.

As much as I'm loving the Buffy and Angel series, this is the first time since the Buffyverse story moved to comics that I really can't wait for a series to begin. Bring it on!
Great interview, I'm really excited about what's to come.

And it was a nice change of pace from all the super-scripted Marvel/DC interviews you see at cons.

"I can't talk about that."
"You'll have to wait and see."
"That information isn't released yet."
"We'll have an announcement in San Diego."
There's gonna be a Gunn one-shot, too? Cool!
There's one question Buffyfest forgot to ask Brian: Dude, why is your hair so cool?
Brian's hair is very cool. It should get its own issue. ;)

And it reflects the genius/enjoyment I've received with these comics. Thanks Mr. Lynch!
Great interview. I really like the way you can tell how excited Brian is to be doing both the Dru and Spike comics.

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