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February 08 2009

Dollhouse panel at New York Comic Con kicks off shortly. The queue for it is huge and hopefully we'll be getting some sort of live coverage. ETA: has a good recap of the event.

If not we'll lie! Failing that if any posters know of anyone tweating or blogging the event, do let us know about it in the comments section.

I forgot that was this both excites and saddens. Somewhere far away, a ton of people are running through a huge comic show and I'm so jealous! When you add the fact that they are about to see a Joss they say in NY, fogetaboutit.
I'm collating live coverage here.
Multiple twits reporting this quote: "I'm just a bitter, sad man, and this is my bitter, sad show. Welcome to it!"
Apparently Joss just announced a Dr Horrible sequel. Note the apparently.

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Someone just tweeted "Joss just confirmed dr horrible sequel!!!" so we'll see how long before people get talked down to whatever less immediate comment he actually made.
Twitter search for joss and for dollhouse.
My favourite twitter so far is "FUCK YOU WHEDON!!!". That's a bit like the lorry driver who got a bit angry at Tim over Drive.
Smattering of comments about the footage shown. A couple of "good" and one remark saying it was like watching the party scene in Cloverfield. (Not sure how, or what that means.)
"Joss making a torrent of BSG jokes." (via itsbecca)

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b!X - I suspect they meant the party scene in Cloverfield was a bit lame, they wanted the cool stuff (i.e. the monster smashing things up).
Apparently people who attend NYCC don't know how to use Twitter to help the rest of us.
Well to be honest if it were me, I'd rather be paying attention to what Tahmoh and Joss were saying rather than use a mobile phone or laptop.
Yes, but you'd think that statistically speaking there'd be enough people in the room who feel otherwise. I seem to recall better information flow out of San Diego Comic-Con panels.
"I think I speak for everyone here when I say Nathan [Fillion]'s a cock." - Joss Whedon via priscellie

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We've got somebody at the panel, but they're not twitterin' it.

In unrelated news, CBS have done some scheduling stuff against Dollhouse. Nothing terribly original, but it shows they're at least pondering Dollhouse's impact to Friday night.
"Joss Whedon just called Nathan Fillion at the Dollhouse panel. Nathan needs to stop teasing Serenity 2." - marquesstewart
"Joss wants to do a 'frilly costume drama'. (via itsbecca)

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"There is art and the life you live while making it, both are equally important." - Joss, via DaveyBarrett
I think Joss may have dropped a hint about Alan Tudyk on Dollhouse. Maybe. Somebody has commented about Alan on Twitter, anyway.
And we all know that fans at panels are NEVER confused or wrong. ;)

Also, I don't think that person is at the panel.

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New favourite Twitter - "willmoorexcore: Joss whedon has no shame."
"Joss Whedon rules. His fans, however, ask long questions." - ShawnMSmith
Panel's done.
Somebody should employ Alan

The DirecTV ad doesn't count?
Thanks for tuning in to the "gossi and b!X who are both not actually at NYCC show". We now return you to your regularly scheduled whatever.
::perks up::

He's making tons of BSG jokes?

I want details!



TVWeek: What shows on TV do you have to watch?

JW: “Battlestar [Galactica]” is back on, so, you know, life is worth living again.

Gossi -- that's interesting that CBS switched the new/repeat episodes around. Considering how they're dominating on Friday nights, generally keeping about 10 mil viewers across the whole night, the fact that they're making even slight changes on the 13th is worth noting.
I'd watch Joss's frilly costume drama in a heartbeat. Preferably one that is four and a half hours long.
ProgGrrl, you just asked the same question I have.
buffyfest: Joss Whedon: "We still got to the ending at episode 13 that we wanted even if it was a round about way. It's phenomanal."

buffyfest: Joss Whedon: "There was a point where I didn't know what the show was about but I never knew what Angel was and it did fine for 5 years"

buffyfest: When are we going to see Angel in season 8 of Buffy? Joss Whedon "Probably when it's the most painful"

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@gossi I wish someone would host a livechat next Friday night with Josh Friedman (TSCC), Joss Whedon, Tahmoh Penikett, Stephanie Jacobsen and Mark Sheppard, in which they would all pimp their new shows...and then proceed to chat about BSG for the rest of the time. ;-)
I'll host it. Just have them all call me. ;)
So, it's not just art. It's life too. Good. This changes my afternoon plans somewhat.
For Drive they got Greg (the director) to Twitter as the episode aired. They should do that with Dollhouse. Joss could point out all his mistakes. (Although we quite good at doing it for him, I admit).
I'm enjoying the Gossi & B!x Show, and I'll hope there was some video of Joss' panel... eventually. But I can't wait until Friday when we FINALLY get to see Dollhouse!!
I think Joss should twitter all night next Friday...through TSCC, Dollhouse, and BSG. I'd pay good money to read that. If Diablo Cody can do it and do it well, you *know* Joss would pwn it.


(btw have any of you figured out if this is really him?)
(btw have any of you figured out if this is really him?)

My suspicion is no, but only because that account appeared shortly after we explained to this first one that the name wasn't "Josh".
They should do that with Dollhouse.

Less is more. Need to keep that barrier between the creator and the fans. We don't have to know everything.
NPR is calling the show "the anti-Buffy." Apparently he pitched it to the Equality Now board early on. Very interesting. I do not think NPR is quite getting the whole picture there.
Yeah, but to their credit, the Joss quotes in the article do a pretty good job of defending it.
"You can't be a storyteller and a speechwriter at the same time."
Possibly my new favorite Joss quote.
That's the weird part. Their framing of the content doesn't really match the content. It's like comparing it to Buffy was the approach going in but then the show is so surprisingly direct and non-apologetic about exploring themes related to sexual exploitation that the reporter walked away thinking it was the opposite of Buffy.
Yeah, Joss volleyed those pitchs very well. I think this really speaks to what Echo's journey will be: "Obviously, the point is you have to take control away from her so that she can get it back." That Echo represents the constant struggle for owning power when you live as the underdog in a hegemonic society. The struggle to reacquire what are your natural rights as a human being.
He's totally right about the speechwriting vs. storytelling. Ironically that's why Buffy #5 doesn't really work for me. The message is louder than the story.
Spoilery IGN story at At least they said it was spoilery. I didn't read the spoilery paragraph.

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The spoilery paragraph doesn't say anything new if you've been reading general descriptions of what happens in the pilot.

ETA: In other words, I don't know the plotline for the new pilot but I know a few things that happen as introductory stuff and this covers them in a nutshell.

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Less is more. Need to keep that barrier between the creator and the fans. We don't have to know everything.

Simon, just to say I agree with this statement. I wasn't saying he should sit and tweet "Here's my house!" or whatever. It'd just be nice to get a proper Dollhouse twitter running from the writers room or some such, a la Dr Horrible. Although I think I'm being a bit too progressive there.
Just a few rapid-fire responses (I was at the panel):

"FUCK YOU WHEDON!": Someone in my section of the audience had actually yelled that she *loved* Joss -- he seemed to mishear, though later said that he realized no one had actually yelled "Fuck you!"

Dr. Horrible 2: Um, no. He said he'd love to come back to it at some point, much as he has seventy-gazillion times before.

Calling Nathan: No, Joss just hung his head when someone mentioned that Nathan had joked about Serenity 2 in a video intro to the Wonder Woman animated flick the night before.

Calling Nathan a cock: That did indeed then happen. ;-)

BSG jokes: Yes, many, mostly about Tahmoh/Helo letting Baltar onto the ship in the miniseries.

Fan questions: Some did ramble a bit, but honestly? I was happily impressed by how coherent and on-target they were. (Hey, I've been at Comic-Con for three days... I've seen a lot that...weren't...)

Buffyfest's tweets are pretty accurate, especially of those highlighted here.

There was some discussion of the conception and development of Dollhouse -- a lot of it is stuff we've covered here many times already. There was some discussion of the actual product -- the darkness, the moral greyness, that Joss is expecting some people not to like it. He also noted that the premise can be read two ways -- that of a woman discovering herself, or as a misogynist fantasy -- and that the duality is both intentional and terrifying to him; but that when he's terrified, that's usually when he's at his best.

The footage

The footage was definitely solid, though it feels like we will indeed see some of the show's growing pains (Joss admitted as much during the panel, though, as noted above, said that by the end of the season, they're exactly where they always planned to be -- they just got there differently than they originally intended). Those opening minutes have the same not-quite-fully-on-its-feet feel as early Buffy and Angel. Of course, knowing how those turned out, I'm more than happy to give 'em whatever time they need. The audience responded really well to the footage, and I'm still as excited to see the show as I was before.

There were plenty of cameras, so I'd expect footage of the panel (and, probably, the preview footage) to be up on YouTube pretty soon.
Aaaannnnd maybe I should've read the io9 link on the front page before bothering to go into the description of the preview footage -- they do a mostly on-target (and much more in-depth) job of describing it. (Though they seem to miss the tiny touch of bitter irony in Lennix's "right guy" line. Great delivery.)
I was there, loved it. For some reason I thought more of the cast would be there, but Joss and Tahmoh were brilliant. I'm glad that the moderator tried to split up the questions between them... one of my favorite for Tahmoh was when he was asked about how he was given his BSG flightsuit. He explained how he (and the majority of the other pilots) simply stole their flight suits and shoes (why the shoes, I can't fathom). Also, Joss kept blaming Tahmoh for letting Baltar take his place in the shuttle in the miniseries.

I was also quite happy to have one of my season 8 TPB signed by Georges Jeanty who Joss actually mentioned at the panel. Someone asked when Angel will be in Season 8, and Joss said as soon as Georges learns to draw him. He then explained the issue came from "too much forehead".

I didn't get to get their autographs, but it was probably a good thing, as I was rendered very awkward around Georges Jeanty and Jan Duuresma, an artist for Star Wars Legacy that I got autographs from... I assume that I would only be able to communicate in grunts and squeals within close proximity of Tahmoh, much less Joss. Though I think this form of awed gibberish is far more respectful than the numerous people who worked in information about "what I'm working on" during the questions aspect. No one cares that you're a writer or working on a "guerrilla style film project". Praise Joss, ask the question, and shut up.

edit: I was also hoping to get a Dollhouse poster, but didn't see any. At least I got a nifty bag with Echo on one side and Cameron (with a ridiculous amount of belts) on the other.

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Newsarama quotes Joss: "My hope is that the audience comes across as unclean as the characters...everyone is compromised."
Less is more. Need to keep that barrier between the creator and the fans. We don't have to know everything.

Actually, I do need to know everything.

5 days! Can't wait.
I think I speak for everyone here when I say Nathan's a cock.

After his last two roles, now every time I see a Castle commercial I imagine Nathan to proclaim "my pencil is my penis." (Although I admit Castle likely writes with a word processor not a pencil.)
@Ramble & Steppe - thanks so much for the recaps! For those of us who can't be there this stuff is manna.
Awesome! Thanks!
Does anyone have a transcript of the NYCC talk? The videos are so hard to understand...

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