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February 08 2009

Tim Minear will be interviewed live at The Writers Store. Hosted by The Write Environment, happening 11am March 28th in Westwood, California. The link provided here is to TWE's Facebook page, where you can RSVP.

For more information on the event contact the Writers Store at 866-229-7483. If you can't make it there live, the interview will hopefully be posted later on TWE's site, their YouTube channel, and StrikeTV.

Well, in theory it will be live on Strike.TV the way this one with Robert Hewitt Wolfe was. (Actually, I have no idea if they managed to stream it live, because I forgot about it until later.)

It should also be pointed out that the Minear event depends at least in part upon getting eyes onto what TWE already is doing, starting with that first live event experiment with Wolfe, so everyone should go watch that one.

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I saw the Wolfe interview yesterday, he posted a heads-up at Definitely recommended viewing for any fans of Deep Space Nine, Andromeda, The 4400 or the Dresden Files. Or yeah, anyone interested in making a career in Hollywood.

Great to see that they'll be interviewing another familiar face.
Shiny! I RSVP'd and look forward to seeing Tim speak.
Thanks for the mention here. I always enjoy popping in on Whedonesque. If you haven't see it yet, please check out the live interview with Robert Hewitt Wolfe at The plan is to do live interviews at least once a month as well as a second season of the series on DVD. I've got some big names lined up for the next few months of live interviews but like The One True b!X said it has to be driven by support which is measured in viewers. So watch the Robert Hewitt Wolfe interview and spread the word because there a hell of lot more writers here in town I's like to talk to on camera.

BTW, let me know if you have any questions for Tim. I'll keep checking back here to see what they are. Or feel free to e-mail me at
I RSVP'd as well. I went to Showbiz Expo in 2006 and took Tim's "Breaking the Story" seminar because it's very interactive... and who doesn't want to interact with Tim Minear. It was a blast - but we didn't really get to finish properly because of so many great ideas that kept getting volleyed around. It was great!

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