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February 08 2009

"Josh" Whedon and Tahmoh Penikett: Breaking the Dollhouse Part 1. Newsarama spoke with them during the NY Comic Con. (Video Interview)

Shame that such a geek friendly website would make such a mistake.
They fixed the gaffe, but I got an Screenshot.

Oh, that Josh.

Also, at the end, the interviewer on the left calls it "Doll's House." You can actually see Joss give a look, like, "Wow, okay."

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Joss is da Beard Man. ;) Poor Tahmoh barely got to speak in that interview, not that I don't love listening to Joss but...
Am I the only one the video isn't working for?
I don't know if you're the only one Jor but it worked fine for me.

I think the beard suits him.
I liked the interview, but it was pretty clear that the interviewer really didn't know much about Josh Joss, or about Doll's House Dollhouse. But still, it was fun to see... And Joss didn't look as exhausted as I expected, he was at the wrap party last night in LA wasn't he? And flew into NYC this morning?
I'm sorry, I listened to that bit over and over and I kept hearing "Dollhouse".
I think the wrap party was a couple days ago. Thurs or Friday.
Oh TamaraC, I must have misunderstood because they (Dr. Horrible) twittered about it last night so I was thinking it happened last night.
Tim commented about it on FB on Thursday night. I guess Dr. Horrible was too busy dealing with a hangover to tweet any earlier. :)
The beard is very strange. I'm not saying I wasn't used to by the time he groaned, though. :P
I got to go to the signing! It was awesome and even though the staff thried to rush us, Joss and Tahmoh spent time talking to every one of us!
I hear someone saying "It's great" under "Dollhouse", making it sound like "Doll's House".
I think the beard really suits him

(Also, perhaps I'm being more picky than most people would be, but this interview is a little bit spoilerish. It gives details on what some of her personalities will be)
They are personalities that we've heard about for quite some time, so I don't it's that spoilerish. I wish there was more Tahmoh talking... man I can't WAIT for Friday! (or SDCC!!) *big grin*

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