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February 08 2009

(SPOILER) "Roll it, Clip Man!" The first ten minutes of Dollhouse at ComicCon NYC. Io9 describes in detail the first act of the first episode of Dollhouse, complete with commentary and, of course, a whole lot of spoilers.

The first 10 mins are very high octane. Drops you right in the middle, I do like that approach to storytelling.
Aw, I thought there was going to be a video. :P

Since video of any clips presented at Comic con is verboten, I highly doubt io9 would risk not being able to go to Comic Con by placing clips on their website. ;P
*SPOILERS, but nothing not found in the link*

I think this sounds really interesting. I mean, I'm watching the fool thing no matter what, but I'm just glad it actually does sound interesting. I like the idea that, even though she's in a place where she goes to and with Langton, she still is enough her glamor persona that she is looking forward to going back to the party.

At least that's how it sounded to me. That she's sort of both at once: a blank slate and the adopted persona. That bit may be widely known, but I've sort of steered away from spoilers until now, so forgive me if I'm talking about something that everyone else already knows.
Well, they said , Shirtless Penicket ( I donīt know how to write his name and I donīt care)..... Please let tomorrow be Friday .
I was there. People still can't pronounce Tahmoh's name. Someone called him "Toma" but I hope that soon he will become a long and difficult to spell household name.

That scene from the original trailer, the "did I fall asleep?"'s much creepier now that we have context with which to work it. The clip alone was sort of hollow, but seeing her get wiped and then asking that, and the people running the place acting like nothing is wrong...suffice it to say, I'm still gonna check it out Friday.
I was there, too, and I thought the clip was pretty interesting. I've been trying to stay spoiler-free (I'm not sure why, except that maybe I didn't want to get too attached yet) so I went in to the panel with few expectations.

Even though we didn't get to see Tahmoh shirtless (or Toma, if he prefers ;)), we still saw enough to make me eager to see the rest.

My fave Joss line was that the character of Topher was just like him, "He creates characters and he has no morals."
I was there and my reaction to the clip was "wow" and "woah".

I can't freakin wait for Dollhouse.

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