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February 09 2009

(SPOILER) Return of the Dollhouse info dump. Didn't get a chance to see yesterday's panel at NYCC? Buffyfest has video coverage of it and there's a lovely recap of the event at End Of Show. And Barbara Vey at Publishers Weekly talks about her "Joss Whedon Encounter" at NYCC as well. Elsewhere, Starpulse quotes Joss as saying Dollhouse "is much more straight-ahead dramatic than what we've done before". Also The New York Times wants readers' questions for Joss.TV Week has Joss talking about fans trying to save Dollhouse, the Fox network and why Twilight is like crack. Is Alan Tudyk to be a recurring guest star in Dollhouse? ATDN says yes, so does (and additional character info). Also, Crave Online interviews Eliza and Hulu's Dollhouse page is up. And don't forget this list of cast appearances.

The New York Times is collecting Qs for Joss to A.
Good stuff. Cheers for that.
Joss has another idea floating around his inner-ether for a horror film (a vampire-istic one, apparently)?

Thanks for putting up my End Of Show recap. Now that I've had time to ruminate, I want to add that the 'memory wipe' part of the screened footage was, to me, one of most haunting moments Joss has ever captured across all of his work. I still stand by the fact that what we saw (as a whole) was a bit disjointed (I wonder if it will play better with commercial breaks), but that moment proved that Joss still more than has it in him to create a poignant, amazing show. And the way they talked about it made me feel like they had some amazing stuff planned for the second half of the 13 episodes. Oh and can I reiterate that Tahmoh is hot? Very, very.
Sigh. With a single spoiler tag blanketing six different links, I have to skip all of them.

Can we just get to the show, please? As Miss Kitty Fantastico would have said, "Neeeoowww"?
Joss and Tahmoh seem to be deepening their bromance connection. Eliza definitely has some competition for Creator/Executive Producer's pet. ;)
More mention in the TV Week interview of the writers strike and how they "lost". Wasn't it a three year deal they signed? Nearly a year ago? What's the landscape going to look like in two years?
Nice find! Thanks!
Speaking of Dollhouse dump, has anyone seen a "who'll die first sweepstake" website yet? I'm betting Sierra.
AHHH! ALAN! This is such happy news! Oh man! I guess it won't be until the last few episodes, though... how else would it have only come out now?

Still, I'm so incredibly happy. I miss Alan.
Please don't lump NON-Spoiler items in with SPOILER posts! Those of us who get the RSS Feeds and don't want to read Spoilers DO NOT OPEN THEM and miss information!
There isn't anything in the infodump thread that isn't potentially spoilerish, depending on how clean one wants to go in. Even with the NYT gathering questions, while the call for questions isn't spoilery, the resulting interview could contain well be, so... Probably better safe than sorry. If you have an issue with moderation, please email us. That said, if there are explicitly non-spoilery items we will attempt to keep them separate, certainly. Let us know if you believe there to be one in this thread (by email, not by comment or by posting a new thread with a link that's already in the infodump thread) and we'll make a decision.

P.S. - We do try to ensure that spoilers don't make it to the part of a story that goes out over RSS where possible.

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has anyone seen a "who'll die first sweepstake" website yet? I'm betting Sierra

Actually I think Echo would die at Sierra's hands.
Thanks so much Simon (and anyone else who posted our Comic Con coverage this weekend.) We were so busy working our hineys it's great that more people got to see all the panels we filmed and juicy tidbits we posted so far.

Re: Sparticus, that's a great idea! Poor Joss characters.

Re: MoonOnAString I totally agree about the Dollhouse memory wipe. It was so much better than I pictured it. It was a part of the concept that was worrying me as I thought it would be rather cheesy and lame sci-fi. I feel like there's a River quality to it all. All in all the memory wipe is well done and it's a huge relief to me.

BTW, your recap on End Of Show is very fun and very accurate. I cracked up at the "Whedon based Philosophical differences" that led to the demise of a past relationship. sad but hee! Also, totally agree, it's days like those that prove we are the best fandom ever.

And, finally, Hulu's page for Dollhouse is up. Subscribe to the episodes.
Aww thanks so much buffyfest :-) Glad you enjoyed it. I liked writing it up almost as much as I liked being there. Joss gave us so many great soundbites, and the people there were AWESOME, if I do say so myself.

And your coverage on your blog was great too. Can't wait to watch the videos. I was feverishly taking notes when I was there, so now I actually get to look at facial expressions!

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Thanks for the heads up, Bix! Subscribed. I can't find it on iTunes yet, anyone know if they'll add it when the first episode airs or what?
MoonOnAString! EndOfShow is mine and Kirsty's site, you totally wrote the report wicked awesome. And you look like Kaylee's sister!

Rachelkachel! Best name ever!

Alan Tudyk!
haha gossi, thanks! I've been told that once or twice but I don't see it.

I am sooo excited about Alan, he's going to be amazing. That makes 3 Whedonverse from each Joss show. This makes me insanely happy and only partially because I am a bit obessive compulsive and like things that come in three's. But mostly it's because they're awesome.
I'm very glad to read that the Alan Tudyk info I posted here turned out to be correct. I look forward to seeing Alan on the show.
Slightly more info on Alan Link

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Oh, from that info I know who he is...
Fox has an Echo-themed Valentine's Day card. And one for Cameron too.

ETA: Cameron-link.

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Ohh, from that info I think I know who he is...

I wouldn't have figured it out if you hadn't said this, but now that I have, whoamygod I'm thrilled about Alan's role--if it's what we think. That's going to be great.

Plus, very much not typecasting, which is nice.
I thought e-cards would be a good idea, but those are not very creative... Should've just had a fan contest to come up with slogans.
I'm not sure about those e-cards either. They're rather.....bland. Still though, nice that FOX is really pushing this thing however they can.

[ edited by buffyfest on 2009-02-10 00:41 ]
Alan Tudyk!! YES! That makes me very happy in more ways than one! I wonder who he'll be. :)
Yeah, assuming that he is, then OMG... more reason to love it!
The link is not working. What happened?
They pulled it down at the request of the person who leaked the info. I've heard said person may be getting a stern talking to ;)
So the news about Alan on Dollhouse is legit?
There is no official comment that I know of, its all secondhand.
That Dollhouse Panel was FANTASTIC! I was so happy to be a part of it.
Wasn't there also somthing more about the Rolling Stone article with the very provocative quote?
The Alan thing is real, but other than that I ain't saying anything. But be happy.
This is Kirsty from ATDN posting as Gossi while he was dumb enough to leave his account open at his flat, just to say that Alan will definitely be appearing on Dollhouse. If he doesn't then you can call me a big liar on here. And punch me right in the face at Comic-Con.
This is how rumors get started - Kirsty is at gossi's flat! ;)
I'm here for podcasting purposes and nothing more you cheeky zeitgeist.

:) I know, but where's the fun in the rumor if I don't imply something scandalous?
Let's find more reasons to punch each other at Comic-Con!
Or maybe gossi is just trying to get Kirsty punched in the face multiple times at Comic-Con.

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