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February 09 2009

Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible at PaleyFest 2009. Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Zack Whedon, Felicia Day, Jed Whedon and others to be announced will be participating.

Here is an excerpt from the press release (not yet publicly available):

Los Angeles, CA—The Paley Center for Media will present Joss Whedon’s highly anticipated return to television, Dollhouse (Fox) and an additional panel celebrating his pop-web phenomenon Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog at this year’s twenty-sixth annual William S. Paley Television Festival (PaleyFest09). Additional members of the cast and creative team from both series will be announced shortly. The complete schedule for PaleyFest09 will be announced on Wednesday, February 18, 2009. The two Joss Whedon projects join the previously announced Fringe (Fox) and True Blood (HBO) at this year’s Festival.

That's great. Sometimes I regret not living in LA.

I wonder when any of these recent Whedon-related Paley events will be released on DVD? Or perhaps iTunes? You can currently buy certain filmed Paley Center events at iTunes in their TV shows section - there are episodes dealing with Battlestar Galactica, X-Files, Weeds, etc. But still nothing for the Paley 2008 Buffy reunion, alas. (As for DVD releases, I'm not counting the Best Buy DVD of the Buffy Paley 2008 Reunion that floated around but is not really for sale, except maybe on eBay. I'm talking a *real* release.)
Oh, Jeepers. This time I'm going, and nobody try to stop me or there will be bloodshed.

I'm not a violent woman - well, not frequently, anyway - but this is one of those things in my own backyard that I must see - Dollhouse AND the Doc?

Sign me up for a Big Slice of Them.
I hate Los Angeles.
Be careful, bIX. QuoterGal says of herself that she may not be a violent woman (frequently), but who knows? She may decide to defend the honor of her home turf.

(Between you and me, though, I'm feeling a little hatred towards LA myself. It comes from a place of deep, dark envy. We never get cool stuff like that in D.C.)
Grrrrrarrrrgh, the fest happens just at the point in 09 when I'm *not* in Los Angeles.
We never get cool stuff like that in D.C.)

You got a very cool Magnetic Fields song about D.C.. Beat that L.A..
Grrrrrarrrrgh, the fest happens just at the point in 09 when I'm *not* in Los Angeles.

Well, its not like you didn't get to do anything cool while you were in Hell-A :) I'm just sayin'...
Well, L.A. spawns supervillians and secret illegal houses of dolls, so...I guess that makes sense.

This is very tempting, and yet...having to buy a membership just for a chance to try to buy tickets for a one hour panel that probably costs more than all of Comic-con...
Well, that's rather cool, Simon. You're right. And we did have a kinda big all-day event on January 20th that was pretty interesting. But still. Paley Joss stuff in L.A. *Whines and whinges and wails all over again.*

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I already have my tickets to all shows. Just knew there was going to be some good stuff this year. Although, I was sold at True Blood and Fringe. I've already marked off my work calendar so that no meetings will be scheduled after 5 from April 10th through April 23rd. So excited for Paleyfest this year.
Thank you. You just helped me plan out my vacation...if I can get into either of these shows, of course. If not, I am hoping for Mad Men II.
Now we can find out what's on Dr. Horrible's iPod.
Now we can find out what's on Dr. Horrible's iPod.

Please no!

I want to go! Any idea on how much it'll cost, ticket-wise?
I'd say 50 or 60 bucks....maybe less. The great thing about the Cinerama Dome, or Arclight Dome, is that it seats close to 2000. There should still be a big crowd for it, though.
Sweet, I'm so going to this! I was hoping Dollhouse would make an appearance at the fest, but I wasn't expecting Dr. Horrible too. That's awesome. :)
I am told that tickets are the same as last year, aside from the Festival Pass option.

Individual tickets will become available to the general public
beginning the following Sunday, March 1, 2009. For Paley Center Members,
ticket prices are $50 and $35 per event. For the general public, tickets
are $60 and $45 per event.

Can members buy tickets only for themselves or for like themselves and a person or two to come with them? Pondering finding a member to arrange buying me tickets, to leave open the option of finding my way down for the DH/DH panels.
I believe members can buy up to four tickets per event but last year's ticket buying experience was such mayhem that I didn't have a choice of how many tickets I ended up buying. All the webpage refreshing screwed up the orders though I ended up with two tickets. I only hope Paley organizers go with a big ticket company like Ticketmaster who can handle the massive traffic. But I doubt it since they seem to keep sticking with the same small ticket agency each year.
oy... I can't go to this AND Supernatural. But i want to meet joss again.... so conflicted.
I hope that all the members who can will buy as many tickets as possible, because I would totally drive down from the Bay Area and pay extra for the ticket (to cover your membership cost...). Last year the tickets were sold out (to members) before they were on sale to the general public.
They've used Ticketmaster before. It was a mess. Ticketmaster wouldn't recognize new member numbers.

At least Ticketweb doesn't charge you $15 in service and handling fees for shitty service.
I am a little excited. I purchased my Paleyfest tickets for Dr. Horrible, Dollhouse and Battlestar Galactica today. Did anyone else get theirs?
Someone was helpful enough to make sure to snag tickets to the Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse panels for me. (Now I just have to work on the airfare.)

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