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February 09 2009

(SPOILER) Alex Garner posts his cover for issue 17 of After the Fall on deviantart. And doesn't it look spiffy!

Oh, heh, and if you're eating or drinking, make sure you've already swallowed before you read the caption beneath the stunning Illyria likeness.

That's super. Really really super, and full of funny.
I like that. It reminds me of those old Powers covers.
I am so excited about this issue, and this cover just made my day! Perfect.
Do we have the non-variant cover yet? Or, wait... does Alex Garner do the non-variant covers?

Basically, is this cover A or B? And if B, do we have A?
Love this cover as a companion to Jeanty's cover for Season 8 #21.
Yeah, Jobo, both sides of Franco's huge "After the Fall" spread with the heroes on one side and the villains on the other are the variant covers. Another variant is a non-magazine cover version of Angel getting pictures taken of him.
That was awesome. AtS turned tabloid.
Love the parody cover. When does the issue come out?
I have my copy now - :) - but it comes out on Wed. It's worth the wait.
Forgive me, but do vampyres show up on cameras?
In the Buffyverse they do.
Forgive me, but do vampyres show up on cameras?
It's not phisics. It's methaphisics.

That was an cutted explanation from an episode of "Angel".

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