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February 09 2009

David Fury Signed Items at Auction to Help Buffy Fan. It's always nice to see our favorite creators helping out the fans. Original German link here.

The usual rules apply; we have no way to verify the info imparted below at this time, caveat emptor,, its admins, posters, sacrificial goats, etc. cannot be held responsible for blah blah blah, etc.

The following is from the party holding the auction:

One of our fellow Buffy friends and Bronzer bdbdb (aka Jennifer Kaplan) was just diagnosed with MS. She has lost sight of one of her eyes. And if that stupid disease wouldnt be bad enough she doesnt have health insurance and sits now on a bill of 18000 $. So some of her friends started a few charity projects to collect some money for her.

Since I cant really help her with money I asked David Fury if he could help me out with donations of scripts etc. which we could sell on ebay so that we can give her the money in the end.

And well, what can I say... David Fury is just one of the most amazing people I ever got to know. Of course he said he would help. But we all know bdbdb so it didnt really surprise me. He sent me a signed 24 Script (signed by David Fury, Kiefer Sutherland, Manny Coto and Howard Gordon), a signed Photo of Kiefer Sutherland and two 24 Crew T-Shirts.

David Fury is the best!
Uncle Fury at his finest.
I am so very touched by the generosity of the Buffy and Angel community!!! A huge thank you to everyone involved :)
Between Lost, Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica, and 24, it's cool to see great writers from the Buffyverse continue on in other shows that I watch. Fury is da man.
Weird, a guy like 'zeitgeist' being so in touch with our German side.
Thanks for posting the info zeitgeist. :)

by the way the party that is holding the auction would be me lol

bdbdb: I know you would do the same ;P

another thing for the English people here:
if you go to and enter the ebay id's 320338314278 / 320338316369 / 320338319717 / 320338320136 into the search field you'll the auction side in English too. :)

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A Fury episode of 24 was on last night that was pretty good (he was credited with "Story", two of the older writers, including one of the creators, with "Teleplay").
Sorry was in a big damn hurry last night and didn't look up whether it could come up in English :). Will change the link, thanks!
Very cool, Mr. Fury. Does anyone else think his name sounds like a comic book character?
Yeah Fury rocks. Enough said.

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