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August 23 2002

A new Mutant Enemy Fan Site is making its debut! Boils and Blinding Torment!

[ edited by amberlynne on 2002-08-23 07:02 ]

The Web Mistresses of the Site (who I am not but wish I were) describes it thusly:"No popup ads, no flowery shippers, no weird cursors, no mercy. Just Buffy. Every bad hair day. Every unfortunate fashion choice. Every fake-looking snake from ME's bulk buy from Discount Phallic Symbol Warehouse. Read about it all, then talk back in the forums."

As you can see, it is high on snark, but we hope equally as high (or higher) on fun, good humor and flame-free, intelligent (if sometimes bitter) discussion. Even most of the posters around the fandom who liked Season 6 (I'm not one, but I know a guy who told a girl who told another guy who told me), admit it was a long, hard season in the Buffy Fandom.

The site offers smirking BtVS episode recaps (currently recapped: Season 1. The recappers are working on S2-S6 as I type - and they just finished a special edition recap of S6's "Wrecked"); features (now showing: Ten (plus) Scenes We'll Never Watch. Ever. Again., That's Gotta Hurt: We Break Down The Sex, a daring expose in to the impossiblities of the romantic interludes of Buffy & Spike);, Snarky E-cards that go where Hallmark doesn't dare, and a posting forum each for BtVS, A:ts, FireFly, and other interests.

Come on. Check it out. You know you want to.

First of all, that looks like an interesting site, we do like a bit of snark.

But, I'd like to remind people that self linking is not allowed on WHEDONesque, as is clearly stated on our About page. This post reads as an advertisement and that's not what this place is for. Amberlynne writes she is not the web mistress, but continues to say 'we' in the rest of the post, which I'm sure you'll agree sounds a bit odd.

If your site is good, someone will notice, and someone will link to it. That's how it works here.

Apologies if I'm mistaken and you're really not involved in the making of said site.
Hmm... television without pity flavoured snark. I'm tired of that.
The e-cards are kinda fun, but when I encounter this much bitterness, I have to wonder: why are these people bothering to watch Buffy at all if they dislike it so much?
Nope. I don't run the site. My friend does and I thought I would be nice and let people know about it since I enjoy it so much. I am quite capable of reading and following rules.
It's not her site. It's not mine either. As for the bitterness, some are so entrenched in the show, what with fansites and friends and annual parties, that they are in it for the long haul. So, we embrace the pain, til the bitter end. Once you get involved heavily in the fandom, it's not so easy to walk away. Loving the fandom, and being disappointed in the show, has created this sort of niche crowd. It's like watching a car crash, you just can't turn away until the last body has been zipped up and loaded into the ambulance. One has to wonder, with last season being so bad, why would anyone like it if they weren't linked to it in personal ways.

Joss once said to a fan who couldn't stop bitching, "Just stop watching. The pain will go away. I promise." I don't think he counted on a growing group of masochists, that are now loving the pain.
Edited for a double post.

[ edited by Allyson on 2002-08-23 23:18 ]
Or it could be that some people actually didn't think season 6 was the televisual equivelent of a car crash.

I liked season 6, and I don't mind bitching. I'd just like to hear some new bitching, instead of the tired old riley/dawn/angel/blah bitching.
Okay, give me your new bitch.
Um, actually it's my site. I run it with a friend and we love Buffy. We don't dislike the show at all. Otherwise, as we said in our first article, why would we know every outfit every character wears in nearly every scene? Surely we wouldn't rewatch the episodes often enough to know that if we hated it.

We started the site because we wanted to have fun with Buffy. We saw so many sites that were so serious about the show, which is fine, but we wanted to go a different way with it. Have fun with it.

And sure, we're bitter, but I don't think we're mean. And I don't think we've done much Riley/Dawn/Angel bitching actually. But, in any case, we're just having fun and turning our bitterness at some things about the show/fandom (of which we've been involved for a very long time)into something that we can have a good time with, rather than take it all so seriously.

If you find it boring or tiring or whatever, it's probably not the site for you. I suppose that's why there are so many sites out there on the Internet: something for everyone.
OK, fair enough, plugging a friend's site's okay with us.

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