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February 10 2009

(SPOILER) "Vampy Cat. That's funny s#%!". Roughly 27 minutes and 35 seconds into their weekly podcast, iFanboy talks about Buffy #22: Swell.

WARNING: Contains some language.

You know what would have been better than vampire cats? Vampire bunnies, at least that way Xander could have a line like:

"All this time Anya's theory was right..."
I love Vampy Cat. Who do we have to poke with a stick to get plushies made? But, I see your point. Additionally, had they been bunnies with fangs, a Monty Python joke/reference could easily be made.
"All this time Anya's Chester's theory was right..."

They made me miss Bunnicula, until things got brutal and I realized they aren't like Bunnicula at all.
I would SO buy a Vampy Cat...

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