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February 10 2009

Find Echo and win a Playstation 3 and Firefly on Blu-ray. It's the Dollhouse equivalent of Where's Wally?

Probably not open to those outside the US.

I can confirm that based on the fact it doesn't allow non-US addresses on the entry for that it is only available to people in the US - no surprise.
You must have a membership first. And it's not going to be easy. I spent 20 minutes looking and the first icon that popped up was just an advertisement for it. When you click on the ad it takes you back to the front page of the contest. So I'm thinking you are looking for a thumbnail size without the word "advertisement" above it. Good luck.
Bzzt! Thanks for playing, peacemonger - read this. Its only Waldo in the U.S. and Canada.
In one part of Canada (Quebec--the French-Canadian part), it's "Ou est Charlie?", according to that link. Which has me vaguely remembering a discussion I had with someone about that. If only we'd checked Wikipedia.

Sometimes, even if an online form refuses to allow non-US addresses, you can just put the rest of your foreign address in the "Town/City" field. I got UPN to send me free preview DVDs (back when Jake 2.0 was new) and have managed to pull this trick with small giveaways from a few other entertainment companies. Never big prizes like a PS3 with Firefly Blu-Ray though. It's probably not worth your time, because that Fox station would likely just forfeit your entry if you managed to get picked as the winner (although Fox does air up here in Canada, so we should get the prizes too for supporting their network and watching their ads). But basically if you're gonna do this, you go

First Name Last Name
Street Address
Toronto, ON M5A 3X5 (that's how you fit the province and postal code in)
New York (if the State field forces you to put something there, which it usually does, just put whatever State is closest "underneath" your province, if you're in Canada)
90210 (or whatever zip code gets your mail closest to the border, look it up. I used Buffalo, New York zip codes)

If you're a contest-entering fiend, you might wanna try this, I dunno. I don't anymore, it's not worth the inevitable spam that results in your inbox.
Sorry to be off-topic here, but I'm reeling from that Wikipedia link. People tried to ban Where's Waldo? from libraries because of a female sunbather with exposed breasts? Sometimes my country embarrasses me.
Offending Image
That's disgusting. Children could easily see that and come to believe that women have breasts. "Where's Waldo ?" ? "Where's Satan ?" more like.
First question: What’s your country?
I believe if we do a mach of “embarrasses” I win.

Second question: Whose sunbather with exposed breasts? The one with the back for the view or the other at the knights side with a shovel?

And here it’s really Wally. “The Godfather” is “The Mighty Boss”, “Jaws” is “Shark”…

Edited cause I'm a very bad writer.

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Its only Waldo in the U.S. and Canada.

Color me provencial.
*checks the crayon box for that colo(u)r*
It's the pale purple derived from mixing red, white and blue ink. (But not that purple.)
Has anyone found her yet?
While I have NOT managed to find her, I HAVE managed to waste my entire lunch hour. *sigh*

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This is not the first Fox affiliate website to be giving away a PS3 and Firefly set in a Dollhouse themed contest (I think the one I saw was somewhere in So Carolina)... which is very awesome if it's hooking people into Dollhouse.

Also, there's ads on Hulu for Dollhouse (I saw some when I caught last night's episode of Heroes on Hulu)

[ edited by BrownCoat_Tabz on 2009-02-10 20:02 ]
I saw some ads on Hulu too, just now while I was watching the Dresden Files. A couple for DH/TSCC, some for just Dollhouse. Noticed that one of them used quotes from random Youtube users... which, didn't we have a discussion about a reviewer who did that a while back?
The FOX affiliate here (Maine) is also doing something like this. Make a "secret codename", if that name is shown during Dollhouse, you win the PS3 and Firefly. Very good way to spark interest.
I have gone through nearly every tab on their website to no avail. If I find her I will post where.
I have gone through every tab. I have almost gone through every headline. Still.. no Echo. Grr.

"This isn't a needle in a haystack. This is a needle in Kansas."
Here's the FOX LA contest. Nothing to search, just an entry, but open only to California residents. I'm sure all the local FOX affiliates will have one to give away. Do you think this means there will be Sony product placement?

Does any have the CLUE for finding Echo on Fox28?

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If I find her for you will you cross-border share your Playstation ? Joint custody ?

I used to circle Waldo when I found him in those books (my own, not the library's copies. I knew better, or maybe had a childhood fear of book spirit vengeance). I remember my older cousin being all "Argh, you ruined them all" when she came over one time. What did she want, I was 6.
What did she want, I was 6.

You should have written SPOILERS in big red letters on the cover.

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