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August 20 2003

Fox deny 'Tru Calling' rumors. "[The rumors] are untrue," a Fox rep tells TV Guide Online in regards to yesterday's spec that the show would be delayed till mid-season.

On the ball reactions there from Fox methinks.

Not to beat a dead horse, but, the reaction is on the ball if they want the show to fail, as it will, since it is up against Friends and Survivor. Can I get a witness in here?
Maybe. I think it's terrible that a show can do well but end up cancelled because it doesn't beat its unbeatable competition. But is there likely to be a lot of overlap between the three shows? Where would you suggest they put the show? We saw how badly Fridays turned out for "Firefly."

I think, regardless of its timeslot, anything that isn't reality programming -- and most definitely anything like "Tru Calling" which falls into that dreaded "genre" category -- will have an uphill battle at Fox this fall.
Wasn't Fox denying rumors that they were trying to kill Firefly last year too? Hasn't Fox ever heard of the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf? Don't they realize we believe not a word from their mouths any longer? Am I asking too many questions to which we already know the answer? Gimme my switch & point me towards the dead horse.
Any real number of viewers 18-34 that aren't taken by those two shows will fall to Tru Calling. Those shows do well in that demographic, which is the same as Tru.

Looking at the schedule again, though, the best chance for Tru is that it is paired with the O.C., which is perhaps Fox's strongest fall entry. If Tru can skew to that younger group, then maybe it has a chance. Maybe I'm being to pessimistic, but I think it would have a better shot as a midseason replacement.
"Any real number of viewers 18-34..."

I'm 35. Does this mean I no longer fall in the demographic for shows like Tru Calling and Angel? Am I required to grow up now? Has my palm crystal just turned black and I'm to report to the Carousel?
Sorry, Logan, I mean Zach, you now must watch CBS only. Hope you like JAG and Judging Amy.
CBS? David Letterman's retirement home? No! Noooo! SANCTUARY!

*runs off towards the horizon and slams into a matte painting*
::wipes away tears::
Man, what a mental image! Thanks for tickling my funny bone, Zach.
to be honest i've seen this show and it's going to need a little tweeking before it does well even in the best time slot. It can run pretty cheesy at times... and there's only so much of eliza running that i can watch and be entertained.

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