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February 10 2009

Amazon "Wild about Whedon" Sale. Unfortunately, no "Complete Series" collections (albeit Firefly and Tru Calling).

In reality, I guess it's not that spectacular of a deal.

Well at least they tried, I'd included Dr. Horrible, Serenity and the comic books as well. Plus the novels, academic tomes, soundtracks for good measure as well.
Tru Calling? I guess it's also a 'get ready for Dollhouse' sale.
That's actually a fab price for the complete Tru Calling set, considering it'd cost, like, 3x that much to buy them separately. Into my cart it goes!
It'd be great if they went completely wild with Whedon writings, essays on Whedon, Whedon duvet & pillow set...

Not that I'd like buy it...

all ;0)
I would use my Whedon duvet & Pillow set all the time! :)
I also bought "Tru Calling". I never watched it when it was on, though I always meant to. It's been in my Netflix queue forever. At this price, it's cheaper than Netflix, plus I get to keep it! Thanks for the link, WWS!
Huh? The Buffy dvds always that price...
Is Tru Calling well written? Conceptually it sounds interesting, but how good was the series? (I've never seen it) That's a decent price, certainly, so I am tempted.
I'm pretty sure that when I bought the Buffy DVDs at Best Buy, they were cheaper than this.
The only problem with Tru Calling is that is was cancelled without any sort of closure.

Plus the flashbacks got old after one episode. I always felt insulted by them. It was like they were telling us that we couldn't remember what we saw 20 minutes before.

I always loved the endings. They were really well written even if the rest of the episode was only so so.

But yeah, what does "Tru Calling" have to do with Whedon?
Tru calling was an interesting setup, and started to develop an interesting mythology surrounding it, but yeah, was canceled without closure.

It's "Whedon" in the sense that Eliza was Faith first and Echo afterwards, not to mention "The show that Eliza turned down a 'Faith' spinoff to go do instead."
That's why it says in the page "Also save on Tru Calling starring Eliza Dushku, the star of Joss' new show Dollhouse."
I was just at Target and saw two season packs of Buffy for $26.99, two season packs of Angel for $29.99. (You don't get to pick and choose your seasons, they are prepacked together, but if you are looking to start, it's cheaper per season than this Amazon sale.)
Best Buy has had Buffy and Angel cheaper than this, did not check on Tru Calling and BTW that is a very good series.

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