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February 10 2009

Which pop culture vampire is your favorite? Vote for Angel in Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll.

Should I be weirded out that this is a holiday guide from last Dec?
I'm compelled to vote in Bento Caneiro, The Brazilian Vampire.
Oh, but I love Count Von Count!
Should I be weirded out that this is a holiday guide from last Dec?

It's an undead holiday guide.
Why is David the only one who just gets an initial instead of his last name? I guess his name was too long to fit, but it's a little silly.

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I voted for David B since there was no James M on there to vote for because Spike has always been my fav. vampire
Hard choice between Boreanaz and the Count from Sesame Street.

(Two! Two choices! ha ha haaaa)
We're losing to Count Chocula. How depressing.
Yeah, but he loves chocolate. Can't argue with that.
LOL! Count Chocula! Looks like a lot of kiddies are voting!
No Spike, so I voted for Angel. Though Count Chocula was tempting - he's delicious!
I love Count Chocula. I have a stuffed ani--vampire.

I wanted to vote for most of them, but I voted for Angel..err David B. heh.

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What's odd is, while I know that Count Chocula and The Count are actually vampires, I wasn't aware that David Boreanaz was. He shoots during the day a lot on Bones, and he isn't even sparkly.
Aw. Poor Grandpa Munster. Not much love for him.
redeem147, he's really Method.
redeem147: you just made my night!
No Spike so I didn't vote. Also, no Gary Oldman, the best Dracula ever, and no Tom Cruise as Lestat?? Just can't take that seriously, even on the seriosity level of 'Best Of' lists.

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