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February 10 2009

Got a Question for Eliza? is taking part in a conference call with Eliza Dushku and wants some fan input.ETA: Live tweeting of the call now happening courtesy of televisionary (beware of potential spoilers).

Time is limited - questions must be in by 3PM PST February 10th - so act quickly if you want to get a question in!

Probably not quite accurate to say they are "hosting" a conference call. They are participating in one, with a million other press people.
Call is on now - try following tweets @pinkraygun @HitFixDaniel, and @
televisionary. There are prolly others...
But be wary of spoilers. One never knows when you're going to be smacked in the face by something they blurt out in this conference calls.
@televisionary is tweeting about the conference call wiht lots of updates, nice.

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I added the televisionary link to the entry.
"Yay for time zones!" he says from the Eastern one.
Gee, talk about short notice.

Not that'd I be able to....twitterpate? Twitter...tweak...twit...whatever this call but I would've liked to have had, oh, a couple days at least notice so I could've come up with a question.

Not that it would've been selected, but still.
First transcripts of the conference call from
Darn, my ethnology question wasn't picked! :-)
Wow, I killed the transcript!

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