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February 10 2009

Joss Whedon and Tahmoh Penikett: Breaking the Dollhouse Part 2. Second part of the newsarama video interview at the NY Comic Con, without typos this time around. In the spirit of news dumping, CBR coverage of the panel, can be found here. And Spanish network Cuatro acquired the rights to broadcast the show in Spain.

Tahmoh speaks a little bit more this time.

I'm not sure if this has been posted and don't want to clog the front page, but Joss has an interview about Dollhouse on the Television Without Pity Telefile. He also says there will probably never be a Buffy movie :(
Some interesting remarks about fans in the Newsarama interview. Also some potential spoilery semi-remarks for anyone who has not seen any of the current run of BSG yet.
Still sounded like 'Doll's House' (at the end there) to me, but I'm just nit picking: it was a wonderful interview that covered a lot of ground in a short time. And B!x, I thought they did a good job of side-stepping spoiling Joss (who is behind on BSG) while torturing him at the same time.
"I take a Tahmoh wherever I go."

HA! Lovely.
Television Without Pity got Joss on the phone (though this is transcribed on their page in print, not an audio file). The Telefile Blog, "All Dolled Up"
Joss looked really tired in this interview. I just want to give the guy a hug in a non-creepy, convivial way.
but until somebody who has millions and billions of dollars asks me that question

A multi-billion dollar Buffy movie would complete my life, and when I get that money - I will most definitely make one for all you lovely people.

I'll probably need an age-reversal machine. Another few trillion on that I'm thinking.
He wore gray socks!??!

What was he thinking?
And he wore his grey socks on April 25th, 1985.

I knew it! I can't find the exact place, where, um, I wrote about that and what it meant, but take it from me - I not only knew it, I had my mind wiped and I figured it out again.

I know Joss was more concerned about BSG being spoiled, but there's something really poetically-just in the thought of Joss not wanting Helo to die.
Part of the mandate of the show is to . . . look at some of the heroic side of things and wonder if maybe they were wrong about what motivated those, as well.

Love this theme. One of the really intriguing aspects of the clip with
Interview with Oops, already posted.

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Congrats to everyone in Spain who now stand the chance to see the show.

Come on UK wake up!!!! What have we got to do, pass the hat around??

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