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February 10 2009

Q & A with Harry Lennix. The LA Times "gets intellectual" with Harry as part of their 'Countdown to Dollhouse' series. And in related Dollhouse news, various Fox affiliates, including Raleigh, NC and New York are hosting contests to promote the premiere.

They spelled his name right!

I am continually impressed with just how intelligent the actors on the show are, every single one.
Great interview. Best of the lot, in my opinion, save those given by Joss.
Intelligent and passionate, this cast.
Added the contest news to this thread, 'cos otherwise items fly by before anyone has a chance to comment.

ET say that, having had a chance to look at the other items, I see various contests have already been written about below, so we probably don't need any more separate threads on this bit of news.
Can I just say that I adore this cast? I even feel like this could become my favourite Whedon ensemble.

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