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"This house will fall"
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February 10 2009

Joss just wants to be loved. Salon interview with Big Purple.

I like the audio interview better than the text. Very nice interview.
I believe that not only are people often less or more righteous than they understand, but they often don't know what part of them is actually the good part.

Me too! Amazing how many people are truly enamored of their suck and ashamed of their best.
I think one's suck and one's best frequently are very closely related, which might account for some of the confusion.
Hadn't realized there was audio too. It's 22 minutes long and has more than what's included in the text. Good stuff.
I loved that! Thank you.

You have a huge cult ...

Yes, but we're harmless (for the most part) and koolaid free.

I love Joss, but not in a needy way. In a, well, supportive, hot meal, ride to the airport, watch your shows, recognize your enormous talent, appreciate your love of women, think you're way cute, kind of way.
And by the second half of the season, we just started blowing shit up.

Yes please.
I watch their storytelling and go, "Oh, so that's how it's done. Fuck."

I laughed till I peed at this line.
We're koolaid free? Then what was in that cup I had to drink when I registered?
Interesting, I wonder what will happen if Dollhouse does end up going for 6 years. But I do think it's a good thing they've decided to go for broke in season 1 because (a) it might be all they ever get to do and (b) the better season 1 is the more chance of more seasons
Emmie, non-fat moo juice.
Hmm. Well now I feel bad for the fans who are lactose intolerant, but that really shows dedication, doesn't it?
Them going for broke sounds very much like a "We're getting our asses kicked outta the joint, but we're not going without a fight!" kind of thing, but it also excites me in a way, because even if the early episodes are as tepid as we've been hearing, I'm sure the second half of the season will be jaw-dropping television.
This just in: Joss just wants his first name pronounced properly (the H is silent).
Hmm. Well now I feel bad for the fans who are lactose intolerant

Hee hee :)

Thanks for that clip kasadilla. I ended up not going to any of the NY stuff... other stuff took precedence this week... but it's nice to see little snippets and hear reports without having to get on a train or wait in line. Eliza is way too adorable at the end there, and I'm so into Joss's beard. I'm partial to a ginger beard, and the grey bits are so sexy-dignified.
Jane Espenson said that they had story board ideas up for season 5, so I still hope that the show does really well and that Fox owns Friday nights!
If you dig Joss's beard, you can Digg Joss's beard.
Hey embers where did Jane Espenson say that?
Very enjoyable interview :-)
Thanks for the link. Liked the interview. Ended kind of abruptly though.
Thanks so much for that, dumb question coming up .... how do you access the audio (podcast?, not sure because I can't find anything that indicates a link to audio).

And ... what Tonya J said, up thread. Love you, Joss. :)
Wow! Don't have time to write more now (want to quote so much of it), as I'm meant to be working, but reading that interview and the letters made me LOVE Joss Whedon more, if it was possible, plus now I have for the first time (I'm busy!) felt the onset of full feverish Dollhouse anticipation. Best of all, not long to wait!
>>.... how do you access the audio (podcast?, not sure because I can't find anything that indicates a link to audio).

Directly below the photo of Joss there should be an icon and a "Listen to interview" thingy. Click away.
There was Mountain Dew in my cup.
Let Down, Jane appeared at the Creation Convention 'Salute to Serenity' last November in Burbank California and she covered a lot of topics. Regarding 'Dollhouse' she talked about how exciting it was to work with Joss again, who was riding up and down the halls on some kind of scooter, about how she enjoyed working with Jed and Maurissa, and about how they had story ideas that extend up to season 5. She was definitely one of the highlights in a very fun weekend.
I've been failing for years to explain this concept; your strengths ARE your weaknesses, your weaknesses ARE your strengths.

My little brother could be a damn good luthier, or a pretty respectable constructor of diy Harley D's, but he's rejoined the military for the bennies, the job security and because he doesn't understand how to choose his art over respect. Building guitars is not respectable or something.
/Le sigh.
Tanks, Satai :)
Mission accomplished!

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