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"Oh my god. What can it be? We're all doomed! Who's flying this thing!?"
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February 10 2009

Armin Shimerman on Leverage tonight in a "Star Trek" reunion special.

Oh fun! Of course I would have been watching (and therefore would have noticed him anyway) but thanks for the heads up sammygeen!
I just watched it and caught
Jonathan Frakes (director)
Brent Spiner
and Armin Shimerman

The only one I didn't catch was
Kitty Swink
She wasn't a regular though and I never watched all of DS9
It just NOW sunk in that he was that dude off of Deep Space Nine.

Dean Devlin and Co. must be real sci-fi fans. First there's a Doctor Who reference in three different episodes, now this. It's cool to see all the shout-outs.

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