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February 10 2009

Olivia Williams on The Late Late Show tonight. There's still time on the West Coast to see/tape/tivo Olivia William's appearance on Craig tonight.

While Olivia and Craig are old friends and thus seldom keep to the plug, she did get quite a bit of info out, enough for Craig to say the show sounds 'creepy' and that he'll have to watch it. She also said that due to her character's viewpoint, on Dollhouse she believes she runs an important and essential facility and Echo is just a minor part of that.

She also broke the exciting news that Antonio Banderas is smaller than Joss Whedon! I had suspected as much, but it was kept hush-hush for so long...

Damn, I missed it. Time for illegalities.
They'll have clips up on the CBS site in a day or two; however, there's no guarantee that this will be one of them. If it is, they'll have the whole segment.
Those two must have been more than friends once upon a time. It was a very awkward interview, but Craig kept it fun.
All of Craig's interviews are awkward.
Yeah, this one actually seemed less awkward than others I've seen. And I was surprised by how much she did get to talk about Dollhouse.
Love watching Craig - although his interviews are somewhat awkward as the guests tend to take awhile to adjust to his style. Nathan's interviews on The Late Late Show are always entertaining.

I thought Olivia's interview went pretty well considering their (suggested) past together...they talked quite a bit about Joss in amongst the relationship digs.
From looking at the CBS site, it looks like they'll post the whole week's full episodes come Monday morning. Olivia was the 2nd guest so she probably doesn't even start until around the 30-minute mark.

I've noticed Craig does best with a complete newbie in the chair. He did great with Nathan the 1st time, but he was so out of left field the 2nd time it looked like it was hard for Nathan to follow him. He is usually awful when he's interviewing a real-life friend or someone he's always looked up to.

It's always best if the guests actually watch the show up to their entrance, they'll get a pretty good idea what Craig is up to comedy-wise. Still, Diddy was on before Olivia and is apparently a fan of the show and, man, talk about awkward and stilted conversation.

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