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February 10 2009

Highlights of last night's Dollhouse event at the SoHo Apple store. Joss was there and Eliza as well (see for yourself in this local Fox news clip). One snippet from the event: Alan Tudyk and Felicia Day will guest on Dollhouse.

The event was more than a little awesome. Nevermind the surprise appearance by Eliza (who is stunning), it was just fun. We got to see the first act (what they showed at NYCC) and there was a nice conversation going on onstage (Matt Roush from TV Guide was the moderator, the same as the reunion panel at last year's Paley Festival), the audience questions were interesting (no one asked what was on their iPods, thank God) and then Joss signed autographs and took pictures with everyone that wanted one.

It was a lot of fun (and worth my 8 hour round trip journey).
Felicia Day? Really?

As if I wasn't excited enough already - Alan and Felicia.

That was a good recap, but I am greedy and would love to see a video of the whole thing ;)
@Rachelkachel They told us the video would be available on iTunes soon, so fear not.
Zounds! Alan and Felicia? Awesome! Here's hoping in later seasons we see Alexis, Jonathan Woodward, and of course Nathan, as well as many others! Of course for me what would be incredible would to somehow have Summer in the show as a guest star (maybe while having Eliza on Terminator, or something, though I know scheduling is tricky). Then again the universe may fall apart from having that much beauty and talent in one show, since as it is Dollhouse is already incredible in both the talent and attaractivenes in the show. And yes, though I am a straight guy, that includes the guys...especially Tahmoh. Who is awesome. Ahem.

So, Felicia in Dollhouse? Zounds!
I love the "amazing thuggish dude" observation.
He really was amazing. While we were waiting in the autograph line I listened to him have an intense conversation about Buffy and Spike's relationship in season 6--but if I'd walked past him on the street or something I would never expect him to be the huge fan that he clearly was.

Plus, he kept calling Joss "son" while asking his question, which was all kinds of hilarious.
LOL! Oh, that's just the "New York" coming out.
Alan and Felicia ! Woots ! (you know it's big when you're pluralising 'woot')

Not much new except for that but sounds like fun, as you'd expect.
if I'd walked past him on the street or something I would never expect him to be the huge fan that he clearly was

In other words, he didn't fit the thug in the profile alley (I think that's my favorite Whedonverse blooper reel moment of all time)
I liked that he didn't beat around the bush and say there was a possibility of a Buffy/Angel movie. There just isn't any interest from the main cast, I suppose.
I think it's cool how there is now an actor from every big Whedon-project on "Dollhouse": Eliza ("Buffy"), Amy ("Angel"), Alan ("Firefly") and Felicia ("Dr. Horrible").
I'm really hoping Joss can manage to get NPH in a more serious, dramatic role at some point in the show.
I think Whedon and maybe Fuller, are the only director/auteurs out there where I don't mind the same actors being used over and over. They're usually very good and I don't really mind that the director hires his friends. The only issue I have is when the characters start to meld together.

Also, Tudyk needs the work, so I'm glad to see him doing something meatier than a DirecTV ad. It's already known that sometimes, cast members call in favors (Adam Baldwin on Angel) for work. Good for them.
This was a great event. I chose to go to this rather than NYCC and I'm glad I did. It helps that we got the first act preview plus Eliza as unannounced bonuses. And I agree, uptheapples, she is really stunning in person.

One of the highlights was that final question, about balancing his feminist views/expression with telling unadulterated stories in this loaded premise of the Dollhouse. I don't know if he's talked before about pitching the show to Equality Now, but it was news to me, and to be honest it made me pretty emotional. He spoke much more eloquently about it than I can recap (we can all see in on iTunes soon), but what struck me was that he cared so much about this issue that he went to EN, which was clearly a scary thing for him to do. I think that was a great thing to have done, and I know Joss will heed what they told him.

Besides that, I just wanted to say thanks to Joss for signing autographs. It wasn't "planned", according to the Apple Store folks, although someone (Apple? Fox?) was prepared for the contingency, cause they had lots of Dollhouse posters for him to sign. I wasn't planning on staying, but I had a pretty good seat (and hence spot in line), so I did. (And now my camera that I shoot movies with is signed by Joss Whedon!) Joss seemed pretty tired when I got up there, and there were probably another 100 people behind me, so I don't know how late he stayed. I just wanted to say thanks, Joss. We appreciate you making the effort for your fans.
I think it's cool how there is now an actor from every big Whedon-project on "Dollhouse": Eliza ("Buffy"), Amy ("Angel"), Alan ("Firefly") and Felicia ("Dr. Horrible").

They're a Fillion and a magic orb away from all the ingredients to cast the spell to end tv as we know it!
I want to meet the "amazing thuggish dude" and have an intense conversation with him. He's my new favorite fan whom I've never met. "Son." Hah!

This will be on itunes? Fantastic. I check every day for "Dollhouse" to appear under TV series subscriptions. It'll probably be up on Friday or by next Monday. I shall subscribe, in HD no less. Not a fancy schmancy Nielsen household? No problem. I can contribute to "Dollhouse's" numbers, too.
I can't believe i missed this! The Apple store is only 10 minutes from me! Does anyone know if Joss will be making another appearance in NYC soon?
It's piling up!
Josh Whedon (not to be confused with Josh Friedman or Jodie Sweetin), Amy Ackerman, Dichen Lachan, Franz Kranz, and now Tamot Penikett!
Who's next? Place your bets, people!
I've seen Eliza Dishku Dusku, and Drushku before.
I went yesterday after pulling an all nighter because Joss > sleep. Beyond worth it, I just wish I'd been more, shall we say, mentally present. Friday night needs to hurry up and get here.
I'm sad that more things Angel will never be, but I'm just glad Boreanaz has steady work. Booth needs to do more spin kicks. I get that Angel should never age, so it's unrealistic for them to look older.
Actually, to comment on John Darc's ealier statement, Joss is very much part of an old Hollywood tradition in having a sort of informal stock company of actors around him that goes back before Sam Fuller. I'm sure there are others, but most famously, both John Ford and Preston Sturges had a tendency to use a great deal of the same cast members from movie to movie, particularly for supporting roles. (I've never done a count, but it's rare Ford movie without Ward Bond and a I'm don't think Sturges ever made a film without William Demarest.)

Compared to those guys, Joss is a piker in this area. If anything, I wish he could do it more. There's a certain sense of continuity there that I love.
BTW, for reference, the Demetri Martin session from 2/4 was posted on iTunes today, 2/11. So if Joss' also takes a week to go up, expect it about 2/17.
This is finally up on iTunes. I wonder why they waited this long. (It looks like you can listen to it directly from the iTunes store, without bothering to subscribe.)

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