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February 11 2009

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon Moves Sex Into 'Dollhouse'. Very interesting Associated Press video of Joss Whedon discussing Dollhouse, its themes, and human trafficking. And if you are looking for more, there's a superb q&a with Joss over at The Star-Ledger website.

Woah, spoiler tag please. This has clips from the first episode that some of us really don't want to see until Friday
So wait a minute, human trafficking is bad now ? Jeez, how are we supposed to keep up ??

... actually, I might be thinking of butter. Human trafficking's always been bad, right ?
I added a new link to the entry.
I can't wait for the reality show spin-offs: So You Think You Can Hostess; Diddling With the Dolls; American Imprint. Wonder who will fill out the judges' panel?
That Q&A at the Star Ledger site was really awesome.
Yes, Alan Sepinwall is fantastic; I was lucky enough to get to spend some time with him at the Paley Event in New York last year when he was kind enough to step in and moderate the panel at the last minute. One of the nicest folks I've ever met and incredibly fun to talk TV with!
So much great stuff to think about. Joss is definitely the guy you want in your English class's discussion section.
The more of these interviews I read, the more anxious I get to see the second half of the series.
... actually, I might be thinking of butter. Human trafficking's always been bad, right ?

Yeah, butter is good now. Throw away the margarine! Human trafficking's still bad though.
I'm very happy about his quotes on Quantum Leap. I love that show so much.
We really need to write a thread merge utility :) These comments got nixed from the other thread about this:

That was quite good. Merci.
chazman | February 11, 16:32 CET

Now, that was a good interview. Incisive, pointed, intelligent and informed.
Dana5140 | February 11, 17:03 CET

Alan Sepinwall rules. I'm totally addicted to his blog, What's Alan Watching, at
pillboxed | February 11, 17:06 CET

catherine - what about margarine trafficking and human butter? Wait...
Oh! Here is where I went!
human butter, hee hee ... ew.
Can we assume from this interview that Joss is not a fan of "Lost?" If so, it may be the first thing on which he and I have ever vehemently disagreed.

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