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February 11 2009

Dollhouse promo on Bits from the regular trailers intercut with fan- buzz... I mean, comments from YouTube users. A late revenge?

I think we've hit a new low with this one.
Awsum? Really?? Oh dear...
Wow. That's just... I have no words. Seriously, youtube users?
See, this is why that Sci-Fi Wire article was so damaging. It set a dangerous precedent of taking YouTube commenters even vaguely seriously. I take it all back, the slippery slope isn't a logical fallacy, it's all too real and we're all too on it right now ! Everybody, cramp-on !

Still, trying to see any lining at all, at least it's positive, right ?
One of the moderators might want to add this new Joss Whedon interview to this or another entry:

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And maybe also this link to a negative review of the first 3 episodes of Dollhouse.

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Good grief. If you're resorting to have use words of wisdom from lolMehottie95, you're just going to look silly.
Yet another new Joss Whedon interview (I have no idea why these aren't turning into links by the way; I'm not computer savvy in the least) here

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Let Down go to our "How To" tips for the step by step to turn them into links.

Sidenote, the Forbes interview, is quite Front Page worthy.

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Thanks Numfar, you rock. Links now linkified
This ad was on hulu as well.
This is a FOX produced advert that - I think - they've prepared for new media and TV spot broadcast.

I love Joss Whedon fans - I am one - but seriously, don't do that.
Hee! I'm really embarrassed right now, I watched that and liked it then I come to the comments section and everyone absolutely hated it... I'm a strange one I guess!

Though I didn't know it was being put on the actual air, I though it was just a fun little promo they made just for Youtube or something. So I do see people's point.
Its not like they couldn't come here to find people saying intelligent things about it... then again, its hard to put our multi-paragraph polysyllabic musings into catchy little easily digestible nuggets/pull-quotes.
"The best thing since testicles !"
"Much better than that time I was nearly killed ..."
"If you could pull a star from the sky and hold it in your hand, Eliza Dushku would still be hotter."
"Worth not poking your own eyes out for !"
"I can haz sex ?"
"Better than Ice Pirates!"
"Dollhouse is the new Joey"
"Dollhouse is Lost in your head"
"Hotter than all the chicks from Heroes"
"Echo: Who is sydney Bristow"
"Dollhouse: Dark Angel on steroids"
"Dollhouse is the new Joey" - LOL

Someone actually said that or it's just a joke?
baxter, it's actually "I can haz sex!"
vampmogs: Heh. You're not alone. Well, I didn't link it but I watched it and was amused.

But I thought it was just a thing for online. And seriously, I was all are those YouTube comments? XD

"Echo: Who is sydney Bristow"
"Dollhouse: Dark Angel on steroids"

Haha. XD Oh my. But damn, now I kinda miss both shows. :( lol.
Y'all are funny.
I love the promo - honestly, Fox Dollhouse promotions are really trying to cater to fans. The site even allows you to link to your fanfic.

Leave Fox PR aloneeeeeee.
baxter, it's actually "I can haz sex!"
gossi | February 11, 16:42 CET

Actually, Gossi, I think that the fanbois who would comment there would be somewhat bewildered realizing that opportunity just might be knocking.

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