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August 21 2003

Amy Acker is the Covergirl of the August 2003 Edition of FHM UK.

I tried finding a link to the photos at FHM's website as well as a couple of Amy Acker fansites to no avail, so I resorted to eBay. :(

Wow. Trampy.
Fraying that's abit overly harsh. I've never understood why fans of a show automatically dislike everything else done by it's actors, for example SMG doing Scooby Doo... or a breast cancer awareness ad. I reckon good for AA taking money off gormless boys (none of which will be me *ahem*) because she looks nice.
Wait. Remind me: what's wrong with trampy?
nothing, and don't you forget that.
Martin - That's assuming a lot based on a two word post, no? I love seeing actors I like in other contexts. And, like, unreality pointed out, ain't nuthin wrong with trampy. That was just my first thought: Wow. Trampy. I usually exercise more restraint than that in posting, but I guess I was having a low threshold day.

Wow. Wordy.

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