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February 11 2009

Don't miss out on seeing Nick Brendon tonight and in coming months. He'll be reprising his role as Kevin Lynch on Criminal Minds tonight on CBS at 9 p.m./8 p.m. central. Plus, a chance to catch him when he returns to the stage next month in a new play called Desperate Writers - The Final Draft.

He'll be at Edgemar Center for the Arts in Santa Monica from March 5-April 12. Keep your eye on for more information and updates.

I've recently gotten hooked on this show, and I'm not usually a procedural watcher. They have a very good cast, and Nick is adorable in his role.
I've never seen the show, not a big fan of procedurals. What is his role exactly?
Nick plays a geeky FBI technical analyst dating Penelope Garcia (a cast regular, and fellow geeky FBI technical analyst).

Now I'm even more excited about tonight's new episode!
Anybody know when CTV will air it? Stoopid American Idol.
I hope he gets some significant screen time tonight. He has great chemistry with Kirsten Vangsness.
And Mercedes McNab is in the episode, too. Weird...
As well as Vondie Curtis-Hall, director of an episode of Firefly - Our Mrs. Reynolds, IIRC. Funny.

Good for Mercedes for having such a significant role; too bad Nick was so absent (assuming he was in it at all - I missed the first fifteen minutes). I hope he has a large, and enjoyable, role in the play!
I was flipping back and forth through Lost commercial breaks - no Nick. Did he just walk in and out of a room?
Nick was in the teaser.

And it was great to see Mercedes. And Randolph Mantooth (When I was in nursing school, I watched Emergency at the nearby fire station.)

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Yeah, his scene was literally a minute long. Still nice though, scenes with him usually mean character moments, which there should be more of.

Also nice to see Mercedes, a victim who makes it out alive!

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