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February 11 2009

Trailer for animated Astonishing X-men. The preview gives a good idea of how the motion will work.

It may end up being a little cheesy

As cheesy as some of the voice acting is probably going to be...

Still psyched.
I think the voices aren't as well matched for the characters as they were for the 90s cartoon. Cyclops sounds fresh out of puberty. And hasn't it been mentioned more than in my imagination that Emma has a British accent? Not that it has to be for this project, it's just what I've always imagined it.
Not just you, she's meant to have an English accent (even though she's American - nope, I don't get it either ;).

Could be cool, can't moan when it's for free really can we ?
I love how Joss Whedon (according to the preview) has multiple minds.
Well, he keeps the others in storage just in case. I was trying not to bemoan the voice acting, I still am trying ;). They actually do looks somewhat cool. I forgot the other thing I was going to say, though I suspect it was totally on point and incredibly insightful. Maybe just pretend I said it and nod sagely/approvingly?
I'm idly wondering which Whedonverse actors I'd like to hear voice the characters.
Amy Acker as Emma Frost, James Marsters as Cyclops, SMG as Kitty seems appropriate, Boreanaz could probably do Wolverine. Xavier might be an issue. Maybe Marsters could double up ?
*nods sagely/approvingly* I do that, because I honestly have nothing to say.
Adding to the cheesy voicing issues it probably doesn't help that, IMHO, they just nailed the voice casting in the new X-Men show on Nick.

Now it's bugging me though, that I can't remember if Emma Frost has a british accent on that show or not. :-/
Amy Acker as Emma Frost
Stephanie Romanov is what I was thinking for Frost.

I'm always confused when people give her a British accent. She's from New England, I'm pretty sure.
from the MINDS of joss Whedon? i know joss is a genius, i guess i just never knew he had more than one mind... huh
She's from New England, I'm pretty sure.

Yeah she's from Boston. Still has an English accent though I think (for some reason - some opinions have it that she's putting it on).

I suggested Amy BTW cos I found the way she changed her voice for Illyria (on 'Angel' obviously ;) and Huntress (on Justice League Unlimited) pretty convincing, she seems to be a bit of a verbal chameleon. But if Stephanie Romanov's good at that stuff too then why not, she already has the 'Ice Bitch' baggage from Lilah after all.
Tahmoh Penikett = Wolverine
Hmm, thinking about it, I'd say: Nathan Fillion for Cyclops. SMG's voice isn't "cute" enough for Kitty. I'd say Jewel Staite. And I was thinking Morena for Emma Frost (hmm, I casting the whole of Firefly now).

Eehhm... ASH for Beast (even though the British accent'd be off)?

Wait, changed my mind about Cyclops. It needs to be Alexis. Seriously: stuck-up leader, turned cool and scruffy? Got to be him. Plus, he'd pair up great if Amy did end up playing Emma ;).
Ooo, you guys've got me really thinking now. I do kind of like SMG as Kitty (though the computer-nerd aspect, at least, reminds of Alyson Hannigan). Although - I also like Sarah for Agent Brand - or maybe Romanov would be good here. Nicholas Brendon as Cyclops? Or maybe Marc Blucas, actually. Alexis Denisof for Beast. Michelle Trachtenberg for Armor. Amber Benson as Danger? Alan Tudyk as Wolverine ;)

Ooo... Ron Glass as Professor X? Oh - and maybe Summer for Kitty!

This is fun. Thanks, Simon, and The Operative!

{ETfix a misspelled name, dang it}

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I'm aware this thread has long been forgotten, some other Whedon work seems to have taken everyone's attention. But this really got me thinking. So I took out my Astonishing X-Men and started reminding myself of the characters within. I can't locate "Gifted" for some reason, so I'm missing the first 6 issues at the moment. I may be short some characters. And though I've included at least a couple people who only have a few lines, there are certainly more to be had. Let's assume I could fit anyone left out into those roles.

I stuck almost exclusively to main cast members, excluded Dollhouse, and purposefully did not cast anyone twice, though I think some of them could do multiple voices. I also assumed that whomever I cast could pull off whatever accent required by the character. I've mostly type-casted (with a couple exceptions) but isn't that really the point?

Cyclops - James Marsters (I had to convince myself, but it's easily the best choice)
Emma Frost - Julie Benz (already broke my rule, but easy choice)
Beast - Ron Glass (Hands down)
Wolverine - Nathan Fillion (Hands down)
Shadowcat - Summer Glau (Hands down)
Colossus - David Boreanaz
Prof X - Alexis Denisov (surprised me too, but I think he's great for it)
Armor - Morena Baccarin
Blindfold - Alyson Hannigan
Wing - Jonathan Woodward*
Mr. Fantastic - Neil Patrick Harris (I'll admit he was 3rd choice, but I kinda like it)
Invisible Woman - Sarah Michelle Gellar
The Thing - D.B. Woodside (iffy, but I like it)
Human Torch - Seth Green (surprised me, but I like it, may be iffy)
Ord - Chiwetel Ejiofor (Hardest one of all, not confident, but I do like it)
Agent Brand - Charisma Carpenter (Hands Down)
African-American bald SWORD Agent - J. August Richards (Yes, exactly why you think)
Alien Sword Agent - Carlos Jaccott*
Danger - Juliet Landau (I'm iffy here too, but I like it, this was a very hard one)
Storm - Gina Torres (Hands Down, more because no one else would work than because of skin color, as opposed to J. August above)
Ice Man - Andy Hallet (getting shafted with two lines!)
Nightcrawler - Alan Tudyk (Also shafted, one line, and it's in german!)
Angel - Sean Maher (another with one line only)
Warpath - Tahmoh Penikett (crap, broke another rule!)
Iron Man - Adam Baldwin (he gets shafted on lines, but he's just the right choice)
Dr. Strange - Anthony Stewart Head (I mean, c'mon!)
Kruun - Mark Metcalf
Aghanne - Amy Acker
Sebastian Shaw - Keith Szarabajka (Hands Down)
Cassandra Nova - Kristine Sutherland (Hands down)
Negasonic Teenage Warhead - Jewel Staite
Unnamed Healer student - Tom Lenk
Unnamed head-on-fire student - Vincent Kartheiser
Unnamed Telepathic Triplet Students - Emma Caufield
Unnamed Guys who awaken Sentinel - Danny Strong, Adam Busch
Awakened Sentinel - George Hertzberg
Mega super-giant awakened Sentinel - Harry Groener (this one makes me giggle with the awesomeness)
Shadowcat's father (in a vision) - Christian Kane (running out of roles and actors, I may shift some later if someone else works better)
Jean Grey - Amber Benson (She's got like one line in a vision, but I like the pick)

Noticeably missing: Michelle Trachtenberg, Mercedes McNabb, Clare Kramer, Stephanie Romanov, and Felicia Day, but maybe I'll get lucky and find 4 female speaking parts in "Gifted" whenever I find that. Also, opened a can of worms putting Tahmoh in there. Sigh, I'll keep an eye out for Eliza, Harry, Dichen, Enver, Olivia, Fran, and Reed.

Please forgive any spelling errors, and if anyone is reading this please discuss! I'm totally up for hearing suggestions for more or changes to the current list.

*I just had to include the hat trick actors!

EDIT: Added some more characters, used up all but one Buffy Big Bad and one Angel Big Bad, plus one reg cast member from each.

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WOW, bobw1o. You certainly went all out. I tip my hat to you :)

Unfortunately, I don't have the time this deserves right now - but hopefully tomorrow, I can give your list - and the books - a good looking-at.... I will say now: you have Ron and Alexis in opposite roles from where I cast them; but, thinking about it, I may like yours better.
wow, someone read this! Thanks LKW! And now I post again to bump it.

Hmm, Ron and Alexis switched... I don't dislike Alexis for Beast, but I def think Ron is the one. And I don't like Ron as Prof X, but I see the draw.

For the record, if I was to officially include Dollhouse, Tahmoh would most likely stay where he is, Olivia may end up as the White Queen (thus eliminating two of my broken rules), Henry Lennix may end up as Ord, or someone else, thus allowing me to shift a couple things. But likely everyone else would be left in the cold. There are a few reasonable places for Eliza, but not enough female roles for all of them anyway, so a few women have already been left out. Amy is in the clear already (and not a regular cast member on Dollhouse anyway), but that would still leave Fran, Enver, and Dichen also out in the cold, unless I just swapped them for already cast roles.

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