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February 11 2009

Summer Glau in 'Big Bang Theory'. She is going to play herself as the nerds' "favorite sci-fi actress in all the land".

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Haha, awesome. I don't watch the show, but will have to check out this episode.
I foresee . Explanation.

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Wow, that just sounds like a lot of fun. Can't wait to see it.
I do not watch this show. I will watch this show though for in this way
She is going to play herself as the nerd's "favorite sci-fi actress in all the land".

it is redeemed.
Man, I heart TBBT. Can't wait for it to start up again over here! And this, THIS!, just sounds [to quote] frakkin' too good to be true.

I can't wait for all the references. :P

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Re: R, P, S, L, S...she can kill all of those things...with her brain!
The end.
I love TBBT! I've recently watched 30 or so episodes in a weekend, it's great fun. As is Summer.
Watched the first 4 or so and thought it was so-so - does it get better after that ?
Which nerd's favorite actress is she? There's a lot of them on the show.
So Moist meets River.
Haven't watched TBBT before, but maybe I actually need to. Hmmm. Something to consider :).
Which nerd's favorite actress is she? There's a lot of them on the show.

Apparently she is supposed to be everyone's favorite. I changed the description.
I've seen an episode or two and didn't think it was very good, but I might just watch this one.
Saje, I think it does get better. Though, personally, I still think Kaley Cuoco is pretty unremarkable, in terms of acting, especially compared to the rest of the cast.

To be honest, though, I'm not sure if that's her or the writing. I think it may be both. I've never really understood why Leonard would continue to romantically like her, beyond a physical attraction. Whereas the other geeks all seem to have distinct personalities, she seems to have none. But her delivery probably doesn't help that.
Cheers Knuckleball ;) - that's pretty much how I felt about the ones I saw. I'll watch this one when it comes on in that case but maybe won't bust a gut trying to get caught up beforehand.
That's awesome. :D
That seems like a good litmus (<-- is that the right spelling?) test to me too, Saje. If I end up really liking this episode, I might end up giving the show a go. After all, the central theme does speak to me somewhat ;).
TBBT is currently my favorite comedy on television, and adding Summer to the mix just seals the deal. :-)
I'd say the show got significantly better as it progressed. Once they realized that Sheldon and his nearly-asexual self were far more interesting/lolarious than Leonard and shifted the focus towards him the show went from silly mindlessness to Geek Brilliance.

And I'm muchos excited for Summer. Especially as the references will most likely extend further back than just TSSC.
R, P, S, L, S! On who gets to go to lunch with her.
This is going to be good haha. I cannot wait to see it. I love The Big Bang Theory.
This is my all-time favorite sitcom. I am aware of increased heart-rate and dermal sensitivity upon being informed of miss Glau's guest appearance. (Though I do not appear to be 'squeeing', as I was led to believe is a common symptom in these circumstance. Perhaps it's a gender- based response- but I digress.)
It had previously occurred to me to delight in the thought of a Professor Epps crossover with David Krumholz - something I still think is a compelling idea for multiple reasons. But Summer is a perfect choice. And how special it is that she gets to cameo as herself! I hope it nudges her career arc into the perfect trajectory, though that potential alreads seems to be more probable than not. So squeek. Squeal. Er, squee! (That's it. Sorry.)
This will be epic, I can't wait for this episode! :D
This show has been growing on me for a long time and is definitely 'must see TV' even without this great news; I can't wait to see my favorite nerds freaking out over Summer Glau! And I get to see it the first night of Nathan's return to TV, when 'Castle' premieres! It will be like a celebration!
Numfar -- you beat me to the Dr. Horrible connection -- but, in scrolling through these, I haven't seen anyone mention that Cuoco plays a woman named *Penny*...who just happens to be adored by a science nerd. Hmm, who does this sound like? TBBT is great. My son has Asperger's, and we love to watch it for Sheldon! (Even though he hasn't 'come out' as an Aspie, he's textbook!)
I like the cast of this show though I think it's pretty ordinary every other way. I look forward to seeing Summer's appearance; just thinking of how the boys will react makes me smile.
Ugh, I guess I'm the exception in that I can't stand Big Bang Theory. Might have to throw myself on the sword for Summer, though.
Nathan and Summer all on my birthday. It is like a special birthday treat just for me! If there is a new "How I Met Your Mother" that night I won't mind getting another year closer to death quite so much.

I just got into "The Big Bang Theory" a few weeks ago. Since then I have watched the entire series and think that it is above average as far as sitcoms go. There are 2 or 3 really excellent episodes. Last Mondays had me laughing out loud. Of course I didn't get my "How I Met Your Mother" fix thanks to Obama, so maybe it was just my lack of comedy that night that made that episode seem so good.
The first few episodes were unremarkable. Funny, but in a contrived way. I put up with it for the references -- they do get their facts and pop culture right -- and because it was on after How I Met Your Mother and I was lazy. It got gradually better as the writers and actors learned the characters.

It got markedly better after the writers' strike. I'm guessing they took the weakest link (Penny) and really worked on her to make her a worthwhile addition to the cast. It's now one of the few shows I bother to watch at its actual broadcast time.
I can't wait.

I was a lukewarm TBBT viewer at first, but two episodes sold me: The one where Leonard accidentally buys THE Time Machine on ebay, and the battle of the geeks where the final question involved an equation - but instead of the usual math stuff that viewers are conditioned to see as "science" the equation involved a Feynman diagram and was actually something you could believe would stump them. (It's refreshing to see honest nerd humor in a sitcom.)

Took me longer to warm up to Penny, but lately she's had some really good scenes and is much more three dimensional (her Christmas gift to Sheldon was brilliant).
Yes, Penny's Christmas gift to Sheldon would have won over any geek/nerd/dork's heart! I want to grow MY own Leonard Nimoy!
Agreed on the show's improvement. I was meh on the first few eps, but the occasional ones I've seen since have been much better. It doesn't make me laugh out loud, like early Scrubs, say, but I'm on board now. I'll be watching it more regularly and definitely watching the ep with Summer. It'll be interesting to see if they can blend her more deadpan style of humor with their own broader style, or whether they'll just use her as a straight-woman.

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I'm shocked at all the love! It's awful! I often catch it before HIMYM and just... not remotely funny!

I'm shocked at all the love!I often catch it before HIMYM and just... not remotely funny!

I am shocked that reality shows like American Idol and Survivor are still on the air, but people do like different things for different reasons.

I would also add that I cannot really judge Survivor or American Idol because I have only caught a few episodes much like you have only caught a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory. Some episodes are lame and others are pretty good just like all TV with multiple writers and directors.
Very true. I feel the same way about The Office as I do about TBBT. I wanted to like TBBT because I love Kaley Cuoco but, just... no.
I like the show because I can relate. Though the girl across the hall is so stupid - she doesn't even know what the bottled city of Kandor is!

It's interesting on how much people differ in taste as far as comedy goes. I don't find HIMYM funny. Seinfeld is boring. Perhaps it really is to what you personally relate. I loved the music and literature references in Frasier, and I love the geek references on TBBT.
Dunno, i'm fairly geeky and it didn't really do it for me, possibly because the geekiness felt slightly forced in the episodes I saw (as mentioned, early ones though so maybe before it hit its stride) i.e. it felt like geeks as seen by the mainstream, about us but not of us (whereas something like 'The IT Crowd' feels very much like it's by a geek for geeks even though e.g. Moss is easily as unrealistically "big" a character as e.g. Sheldon on TBBT).

So it's more than whether you relate I think though what exactly it is requires a wiser head than mine (there's no doubt humour's very subjective though).
I tend to find their academic snit funnier than their geekiness. Most of it is fairly accurate, in tone at least.

I particularly liked this scene:

Penny: Has [Leonard] ever been involved with someone who wasn't a brainiac?

Sheldon: Oh, well, a few years ago, he did go out with someone who had a Ph.D. in French Literature.

Penny: How is that not a brainiac?

Sheldon: Well, for one thing, she was French. For another, it was literature.

This is exactly how my husband (pharmaceutical chemisty PhD) and all his friends are about arts and humanities graduates. He only grudgingly accepts my archaeology PhD when I admit it's all about making stuff up.
Penny was great whe she becames a Game addicted :) !

her Christmas gift to Sheldon was brilliant).

(Yes, Penny's Christmas gift to Sheldon would have won over any geek/nerd/dork's heart! I want to grow MY own Leonard Nimoy!

Yeap. And now Sheldon only need some eggs... Who's gonna talk with Summer?
Love TBBT. Didn't at first. But it definitely grew on me.
I have a huge grudge against the creator, because...well, because he created Two-and-a-Half Men. And that's got to be like a federal offense or something. But I guess I could give it a shot.
I started watching The Big Bang Theory recently and quite enjoy it.

UnpluggedCrazy, I get your point about Two-and-a-Half Men, but I've enjoyed some of Chuck Lorre's previous shows - and I love the screens at the end, which he now has on his website for anyone who's interested.
I love TBBT!
Sheldon is my favourite character. I like cause it never seems to be that they're mocking geeks like on other shows.
I suppose I can relate.
and I can't wait to see Summer on!
BTW, would it be too much to ask for an xkcd reference?

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