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August 20 2003

BuffyFest 2003 Scheduled for October 11th in San Diego. Guests include Andy Hallett, Adam Busch and his band Common Rotation, Danny Strong, Mercedes McNab, and Robin Sachs.

Damn it. And here I thought living in the NYC was the hip thing. First terrorist hit us, then this damn blackout, and we never have any friggin Buffy events this neck of the woods. And I don't mean upstate NY either.

This sucks!!
Well, if it's any consolation, Moonlight Rising was in the New York area this year and will be in Pennsylvania next year. Guests include Andy Hallett, Adam Busch and his band Common Rotation, Danny Strong, Tom Lenk, Iyari Limon, and James C. Leary.
what the..? how did i miss that? im in nyc too and im always bitching about the lack of buffy events, was it a secret?
Oh quit yer belly achin'. I've never heard of any Buffy alumni making appearances in Dallas Texas. Austin or Houston maybe but never here. You don't hear me cryin' in my beer over it. *smirk*
Well, I've been trying to mention the fan-run signings and conventions more than the usual big conventions because the smaller ones need the publicity and the good experiences usually outweigh the bad ones (Watcher's Retreat fiasco notwithstanding). I just checked the archives and it looks like unfortunately no one mentioned Moonlight Rising beforehand though. Sorry about that! :(

FWIW, there is a Creation "Strong Women of Sci-Fi" convention the weekend of August 23rd and 24th in Brooklyn, but the only Buffy actress listed as attending is Iyari Limon (Juliet Landau cancelled).
Iyari Limon got a bad deal of the cards by the way. I happen to believe she's a fine actress, but her Kennedy character was thrown together by the writers. Limon portraying Kennedy felt like when Sean Connery played the heavy in the recent "Avengers" remake. I mean even an award winning Scottish knight of the English crown could not save that tripe because the writers dropped the ball. So somebody go to that creation convention and tell Ms. Limon that Zach said she did a great job and don't listen to anyone who claims to hate Kennedy. Limon breathed life exceptionally into a role that was pieced together haphazardly at the last minute like a scarecrow.
I'd like to add that seeing Common Rotation in concert is quite a treat. They opened for Aimee Mann in my area about a year ago and do a great stage act. Without knowing the Adam Busch/BtVS connection, I was pointing out to folks with me at the show that "he looks like Warren!"

The band was hawking their CD in the front after the show - nice guys one and all. Lots of energy on stage.
Common Rotation also opened for They Might Be Giants recently as well. Seems like they're on the up and up.

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