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February 11 2009

(SPOILER) The Dollhouse info dump goes fourth. Joss tells MTV that he's feeling really good about Dollhouse and there's a very cool video interview with him courtesy of There's a huge interview with Eliza over at FEARNet, SciFi Wire has a similar interview. KFox is running a poll on how you want Echo to be. And finally a columnist at the Philly Inquirer argues why Joe Blow should tune into Dollhouse.

My god, I'm spending so much time checking Whedonesque for any new Dollhouse updates. Before work: Whedonesque. Home from work: Whedonesque. Getting home drunk at 2am: straight to Whedonesque. To quote Gunn, I used to be cool before I met y'all.

In other news, my resolve cracked and I listened to the Dollhouse theme song and I was very impressed. Like some have said there's a Bond element in in but that's really just in the first half and then it switches to something rather soulful. I love it

Also, why does gossi's Dollverse site say there are about 2 hours and 46 minutes until Dollhouse has aired? Isn't it early morning on the 12th in LA?
The clock says 1 day,12 hours etc on my screen.

ike some have said there's a Bond element in in

It reminded me of Sheryl Crow's song for Tomorrow Never Dies.
Oh got it, the clock is counting down to 12 am on Friday the 13th in whatever country you happen to be viewing the site from. Darn, and I got so excited thinking I might have miscalculated

"It reminded me of Sheryl Crow's song for Tomorrow Never Dies."

I had to Youtube that song to recall it. I see the similarity you were getting at but as far as I'm concerned the Dollhouse theme is incomparably better (incomparably better? Surely that's an oxymoron)

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IGN video = :D
Has the (very enthusiastic) io9-review been posted already?

Bottom line: I've already totally fallen in love with this show. I was excited for it before I saw it, and now that I have, I am filled with a fevered desperation to watch a hundred more episodes. I wish I had a half-dozen DVD box sets of this show.


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Call me a crazed-in-anticipation jumping-the-gunner, but it seems as if (US) iTunes should have a TV series subscription for "Dollhouse" already set up. There's nothing by way of episodes yet to download, obviously, but they could put up a free download of the video of the recent Apple Store event with Joss and Eliza. (Which was promised to come on iTunes, apparently.) The current season of "Lost" was set up that way a week or so before a single episode aired. It's all about pulling people in through the power of advertising free stuff.

With Dr. Horrible still in the Top 10 of TV Series downloads (at #6), it seems not too early to capitalize on Whedon-popularity on iTunes with ads popping up for a free "Dollhouse" download. There is all manner of other free stuff, mostly crappy, to download. Advertising, Fox people, the power of advertising!
We (at Joss'd) had a really awesome talk with the Nabbit folks about their Dollhouse contest they're running. Dollhouse fever is infectious.

It's amazing the amount of press going on... which is great, just kind of head-spinny.
I tried to post a link to for Dollhouse fans but it was deleted by Caroline, who said the site was down. Works for me, maybe her universe is down. Also made snarky comment about sloppy post, wasn't aware posts had to be 5000 word essays. But if you want to see sloppy, just visit her website..
farfly, she asked you to clean the post up because it had an unclosed bracket in it--and maybe lacked a period at the end, I can't remember. She wasn't asking you to make it into an essay. FWIW, the site worked for me, too, when I clicked on the link.

Why not try again, but this time try to make the post a little tidier?
farfly, you're out.

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