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August 21 2003

(SPOILER) Major spoilers for AtS S5x04 'Hell Bound'.

And a Halloween episode on Angel? About bloody time.

"While I'm not entirely sure what is going on between Fred and Spike, I think it would be wrong to deny that the writer's aren't playing up the chemistry between the two of them." At the risk of sounding like an english teacher, what the heck is that supposed to mean? That's like a quadruple negative.
It can be summed up in one word 'Spred'.
[also votes "eew"]
Initially thought "eew." Very eww. Am now reserving judgement until it can be seen on-screen. Also keeping in mind that JM can usually sell - and have chemistry with - just about anything.

Waiting to see...
Well, it still involves Fred.

So, eew.
Gah! Not 'Spred'! Anything but 'Spred'...

I'd even take some 'Spunn' over 'Spred'. 'Spesley' anyone?

OK, maybe not...
Mmmm. Spesley. Pretty.
Not Spred. Frike. It's only Spred if it involves peanut butter. Sounds to me that Fred gets a little obsessive about saving Spike, but that's kinda in her nature.
  1. When it comes to stuff like this she's very "A Beautiful Mind" about crossing dimensional barriers. It gets her blood pumping and makes her brain do calisthenics, y'know? All those mathematical equations get her hot.
  2. And there's probably also stuff that we're not yet let in on yet. Like the realization that oh but for the grace of Buffy go Angel could be fueling Fred's fire (remember originally that amulet was given to Angel, so he could be the one fading in and out instead of Spike and Fred knows that).
  3. Furthermore, Fred's probably been told over phone or email by Willow by this point just what Spike did to save the world from The First Evil. So she may also be saving Spike's bacon cuz he's a champion and well, you champion champions. She learned that from Angel. You support the good guys if you're a good guy. You stick together.
  4. And not too long ago she was all alone against Jasmine's growing army of brainwashed masses and felt terrible. She empathizes with Spike's lonliness. Wants to be there for him cuz no one was there for her.
None of this has to add up to Fred getting in the sack with the guy. But if it ever does... Yeah. Eeww. That'd be weirder than, say, Anya and Principal Snyder. Eeww.

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